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Where do celebrities go on their honeymoons?

Most of us are not cut out to be celebrities, but that does not stop us from jet setting on our honeymoon Hollywood-style.

With deep pockets, celebrities choose the most extravagant and exquisite of places to indulge their romantic getaway.

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Here’s where the celebrities honeymoon:

Resorts of Bora Bora

French Polynesia’s Bora Bora Island is one of the most popular celebrity honeymoon destinations. This breathtaking island is surrounded by lagoons and a barrier reef. The over water bungalows overlook the vivid blue waters and calming green plantations. On this island, you can take part in various water activities like windsurf, jet ski, scuba dive, snorkel, or simply just lie on the white sand and relax the day away.

Is this luxurious island? on your honeymoon list? Try the St. Regis Bora Bora.

If Bora Bora isn’t in your budget, consider beautiful Destin – a day’s drive from Southeast Texas. Try The Palms Resort right on the beach in Destin.

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Celebrity Honeymooners: Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban


Seychelles is another luxurious island that is popular among celebrities. Not only is it a beautiful destination, it is also as paparazzi free as they get. It boasts a mellow climate all year round, beautiful blue sea with soft white sand. There are plenty of sea creatures to view while snorkeling and beautiful rare birds that live on the island.

Celebrity honeymooners: Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault, Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Does Seychelles sound “just right” for you? Try the Banyan Tree Seychelles Resort and Spa.

Are you looking for something closer to home? Try the Port Royal in Corpus Christi?

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

A hillside village nestled just south of the city of Naples with gorgeous views of the Mediterranean blue seas. See the place light up at night like stars in the sky. This is an absolutely gorgeous getaway that makes you feel like you are transported back in time. Take a boat ride down the bay and browse the local shops selling plenty of hand painted ceramics.

Celebrities: Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

Are you looking for a luxurious introduction to Mediterranean Italy? Check out these Amalfi Coast Vacation Rentals.

Do you want a taste of Italy a short drive away? New Orleans has a big Italian flavor without having to find your passport. Try the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. They even have an in-house upscale Italian restaurant, Domenica – where New Orleans Meets Neopolitan”.

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Instead of the all familiar romantic island getaway scene, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel opted for a safari honeymoon in Africa. Although their getaway did have all the bells and whistles for a celebrity holiday, they enjoyed the unconventional scenes of stunning wildlife and African views. They reportedly also took a romantic hot air balloon ride across Tanzania.

Celebrities: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Are you looking for a once in a lifetime hot air balloon safari experience over the Serengeti? Check out “The Miracle Experience”. These endless plains are host to The Great Migration where millions of wildebeest and zebra are on a constant move.  With an impressive population and a wide range of wildlife, Serengeti is always alive and offers unique game viewing with a varied topology. Giving you a chance to miraculously experience one of the seven new wonders of the world.

Are you looking for a Texas alternative? Check out the Natural Bridge Wildlife Preserve in San Antonio.

Santa Barbara

Another non conventional honeymoon getaway is the Santa Barbara. Known as being among one of the best hotels in the world, the famous San Ysidro Ranch in the wine country is one popular destination among the celebrities. The Ranch has that vintage glamour appeal as timeless celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Sir Winston Churchill were previous residents. It is definitely a relaxing and beautiful getaway scene for those that prefer a quiet time.


We hope you have a honeymoon to remember whether it is a quick getaway to Galveston or New Orleans or a blowout in Tahiti or Paris!

Best wishes to all of our Golden Triangle brides.

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