Choosing the Perfect Southeast Texas Wedding Band

Golden Triangle Wedding Planning

Advice to help you choose your “just right” wedding band.

You know in your heart if your wedding is supposed to have a DJ or a Southeast Texas wedding band.  

Neither option is right or wrong, but one is more right for you.

If you have decided that a live band is what your SETX wedding reception needs, here are some tips to consider.

1. If you have seen a band at another Southeast Texas wedding and loved them, weigh that pretty highly. Many bands play lots of kinds of gigs- proms, corporate events, fancy birthday parties. A wedding is a little different. If you have seen a band at a wedding and liked the way they played, their appearance, the way they kept the reception moving along, that is very important and should count very much in their favor.

2. Make sure you know where the band is from. Bands travel for gigs and with the internet it is pretty easy for a band to look like they are a “Beaumont wedding band” or “Port Arthur wedding band” when they are really from Houston or Austin or Dallas. Houston, Austin, and Dallas all have great bands but over a four hour drive a band could get lost, drunk, arrested, car trouble, weather problems, or a better paying gig. Any one of these unfortunate events would seriously jeapordize your dream Southeast Texas wedding reception.

3. Use your other Southeast Texas wedding vendors for advice. Your Southeast Texas wedding reception hall and caterer in particular have seen a lot of wedding bands and DJs over the years. They have a really good idea of- who shows up on time, who really specializes in the kind of music you want at your wedding, which bands are the most professional. Your other Southeast Texas wedding vendors can tell you which Southeast Texas wedding bands have blown off gigs, shown up drunk, or who sound great in studio but are less entertaining on stage.

If you want a Southeast Texas wedding band to make your Golden Triangle wedding reception perfect, make sure you choose the perfect band- for you.

Southeast Texas Wedding Band? Choose well – the right band can really take your SETX wedding reception to the next level.

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