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SETXWeddings: What can you say was the inspiration for you deciding to provide wedding related services?
Marc Shepherd, InFrame Pictures: “People are fun.  Photography is fun.  What a better way to combine the two than wedding photography. What is so great about being a wedding photographer is the friendships you develop and continue long after the wedding is over.”

SETXWeddings.com: How long have you been in business? How did you get your training for what you do?
Marc Shepherd, InFrame Pictures: “I’ve been involved with photography since the mid early 1983 and have been capturing weddings for the past four years. Much of my training comes from working with experienced wedding photographers as well as accomplished photographers from around the world.  However, because of the changing industry, I continue to go through training on different techniques aimed at making the couple happy with their pictures and albums.”

SETXWeddings.com: What is your most important bit of wisdom that you would like to share with a couple planning their wedding?
Marc Shepherd, InFrame Pictures: “Relax and have a great time. No matter what happens it always works out. And when choosing a photographer, remember: this is your wedding and not the photographer’s wedding.  Get to know the person who is going to capture one of the most important days of your life.  Don’t ever go with a photographer who sees your wedding as just another event. Make sure he or she considers photographing your wedding as an honor and a privilege…not just another wedding.”

SETXWeddings: Tell us your  most memorable wedding story
Marc Shepherd, InFrame Pictures: “I shot a wedding in which the bride was late for her own wedding. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. They just came to accept it.  When the bride finally showed up, she was practically running down the aisle laughing and having a great time.  Later that day, we went to the beach so we could do a photo session of her in the water with her wedding dress. After the shoot, when she returned to the hotel, people were commenting on the beautiful “brown and grey streaks” on her wedding dress, not knowing with was the sand and mud from the beach. The bride, in her fun-loving self, thanked everyone for the compliment. We had a great laugh in the elevator.”

Marc Shepherd, Photographer/Owner
InFrame Pictures

*Photos furnished by Marc Shepherd, InFrame Pictures

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