How Can a Southeast Texas Wedding Planner Help You? by Jennifer’s Occasions

Many Golden Triangle brides start out uncertain whether or not they need to engage the services of a Southeast Texas wedding planner.

How does a Golden Triangle wedding planner assist her brides?

We asked Beaumont wedding planner Jennifer’s Occasions about some of the most common roles she fills for her Southeast Texas brides.

  • Wedding Style Consultation. Most brides plan a single wedding. Maybe two. Very few more than three. While you have your vision of what you would like your wedding to be, it can be difficult to know how to bring it to life. A wedding planner helps bring hundreds of beautiful weddings to life, so they know how to get you the right look, how to keep things moving on time, and how to keep you on budget.
  • Provide a list of Preferred Vendors. You probably do everything you say you’re going to do, and you have that same expectation of others. A good Southeast Texas planner knows that some SETX wedding vendors have a tough time keeping brides happy – some are chronically late, some scrimp on materials, others don’t deel well with pressure. Your SETX wedding planner keeps detailed notes on each vendor so that she can make appropriate recommendations to her Southeast Texas brides.
  • Assist on Southeast Texas Wedding Vendor Visits. In planning your dream Golden Triangle wedding, you’ll meet with a number of wedding vendors. You’ll need a caterer, wedding venue, linens, decorations, maybe a margarita machine or chocolate fountain. You’ll want someone to help you evaluate options, and let’s face it the groom is usually dead weight. Your SETX wedding planner knows current wedding trends, is helping you monitor your budget, and can help you make good choices to bring your wedding to life.
  • Review all Vendor Contracts and Confirm Details with all Vendors. Are you detail oriented? Me either. You know who is? Professional wedding planners. Almost all Southeast Texas wedding vendors want to do a great job for you, but they are mostly overworked small business professionals working under stress. Your wedding planner can make sure you’re getting the right number of table linens, that the brides maids dresses match, that the groom didn’t request polka dotted bow ties, and figure up whether or not your wedding cake is really big enough. This isn’t the kind of thing most brides are experienced with, but professional wedding planners live for mastering the details for their SETX brides.
  • Professional Management of Wedding Day Itinerary, Vendors, and Wedding Party. You want to enjoy your wedding day, not be “supervisor for a day”. Your SETX wedding planner can figure up how many shrimp wontons you really need, where to put the Marble Slab ice cream bar, when the limo needs to pick you up, make sure the ice sculpture doesn’t melt before your wedding reception starts, ensure your candles don’t catch your table decorations on fire, put your Uncle Steve in a cab so he doesn’t get his third DWI, keep your photographer on schedule, and micro manage all of the myriad things that if you were to do them all yourself your wedding would feel like work. No one wants to work at their own wedding; that’s not what this is all about.
  • Assist Your SETX Wedding Vendors with Your Wedding Reception Set Up. Someone has to decide where the bars go, make sure the microphone works, tell the DJ where to spin the hits, figure out how to get the slide show running before your guests arrive, and to move things along on schedule. You could do it, but you’d be miserable. Your professional Southeast Texas wedding planner thrives on the pressure and has the skills to get everything done to your specifications.
  • Assist with Send-off & “All the Little Things People Forget”. This can be a pretty big category which often includes appointing responsibilities to have the grooms tuxes returned, making sure nothing is left in the Southeast Texas wedding reception venue, taking the  bride’s dress to her mom or to be preserved, etc.

It is not impossible to plan your wedding alone, but it is a tremendous amount of work and can be incredibly stressful.

A professional Southeast Texas wedding planner can help her brides by bringing their wedding together on time, on schedule, on budget, and without stress.

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