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Your Southeast Texas wedding is all about joining your life and your fiancee’s. The ceremony is the first day of your blissful forever.

Your guests, however, will remember the reception.  Garden District Catering New 2 has been to a lot of weddings where the food just doesn’t match the bride and groom. If the food doesn’t match your tastes, it probably won’t match your guests either. Your wedding reception does not have to be about “fancy”, but it absolutely should be about “delicious”.

If your fiancée takes you to dinner Friday night, what would you order? For most Southeast Texas brides, that should be the kind of food you have at your reception.

If you like Gulf Coast shrimp, serve them up boiled, grilled, or fried. If you enjoy fajitas, tell your caterer exactly what you like (beef? shrimp? chicken? all three?). If you don’t normally eat quail eggs or braised short ribs, this might not be the best time to try them – for you or for your guests.

Fortunately, there are a number of top notch Southeast Texas wedding caterers who specialize in matching the exact tastes of their brides and grooms.

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Crab Stuffed Mushrooms- The Garden District

One of the top caterers in Southeast Texas is Orange’s the Garden District. They really pride themselves on delivering exactly what the bride wants- not only in their catering, but also with their wedding rentals and their wedding/reception venue.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending a wedding at the Garden District, lunch is a great time to try them out and to get an appreciation for the quality and freshness of their food.

The Garden District
Address: 7536 Hwy 87 North. Orange TX 77632
Phone: (409) 883-9889 

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The Garden District



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