Planning the perfect honeymoon

Honeymoon BeachHe proposed, you said “Yes!” and now you’re in the throes of planning your dream wedding. Among all the ceremony details, no doubt part of your wedding planning process also involves scheduling a romantic honeymoon.

Honeymoon planning for Southeast Texas couples can be very easy, or very complicated, depending on the trip you want to take. For example, signing up for an all-inclusive resort hotel on a beach somewhere, or a cruise trip with limited ports of call, tend to be easier vacations to organize because they don’t require multiple lodging or transportation details.

But you might discover that you and your sweetheart can save a little money as you start your new life together and plan a more localized tour. For example, maybe you are both baseball fans. Touring several cities with major league fields and catching a couple home games would make a very memorable honeymoon vacation that you both would enjoy.

Here are some tips to help you plan your honeymoon so you’ll have memorable stories to share through your life together:

* Pick a honeymoon destination together. Discuss with your soon-to-be spouse what activities or sights you want to see together. You might want to pick a location where neither of you has traveled previously. Or maybe you can plan your entire honeymoon around an event that brought the two of you together.

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* If you plan to change your name once you’re married, make sure you book all your tickets in your maiden name, because you probably won’t have time between the wedding ceremony and the honeymoon to get your official wedding planning Southeast Texas, honeymoon planning Beaumont TX, travel agency Beaumont TX, travel agent Southeast Texasidentification cards and passport changed. And with tightened security at airports, you don’t want to be left behind because your ticket name doesn’t match your ID.

* Research and plan for what you’ll need to pack. If you’re leaving the country, make sure you have your passport and visa (if needed) ready. The U.S. Department of State provides plenty of information about travel warnings and alerts for different countries based on political uprisings and natural disasters, as well as information on shots needed for different countries. Also, research average temperatures for the time of year you’ll be traveling so you can bring along the proper clothes. You can register your travel plans with the U.S. Department of State to help ensure you are easy to reach should something happen with your family in the United States or if something important is happening in the location where you will be traveling. Visit the State Department at

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Time will fly by as you plan your wedding and honeymoon, and before you know it, you’ll be packing your bags for a romantic trip with your partner.

Follow these tips to help prepare for a safe and fun honeymoon, and enjoy the start to your life together.

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