Limousine Services

The number one thing to remember when you begin researching limousine services for your wedding is that even though the limos may look very similar, there is much more than the “look” of the car! offers this advice on what to look for in a limousine service so you and your families can be assured of your comfort and security while also riding in elegance!

1. How long has the service been in business? Has it changed locations, owners?

2. Ask for bride/groom references! Follow through by checking these references.

3. Ask the limousine service to provide a copy of their livery insurance to you.

4. Are the cars clean when you are invited to inspect them? A professional service always keep their limo’s in “show” condition. Do they smell like alcohol or cigarettes? Do they have limousines that are specific to non-smokers? Will the limo be clean inside/outside and odorless for your day? How old is the limousine? Can you be assured that you can have the limo of your choice?

5.Who will your chauffeur be? Ask to meet him/her. Do you really think it is a good idea to put your lives into the hands of a total stranger on the most important day of your life? Ask the company about his/her safe driving record. What is the typical uniform of the chauffeur? What are all the services the chauffeur can provide? Will the chauffeur have any other clients within a couple of hours before or after he/she is to be at your service? Does the chauffeur know the driving route for your wedding well? Knowing the route is very important so you can have the best chances at having no delays on your wedding day.

6. Ask about any wedding packages. What are ALL of the fees associated with the services you have selected for the service to provide? What is the standard tip for their chauffeurs? Is the tip included in the final costs? Are beverages included? Do they provide “Just Married” signs?

7. Make sure that EVERYTHING is put in writing and you read thoroughly before signing a contract. If the service tells you it provides a “red carpet” service for you (some limousine services actually have rolls of red carpet that they lay out for you to walk on), MAKE SURE IT IS IN WRITING!

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