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Bachelorette Party on the Beach

Bachelorette parties today come in all sizes and degrees of wildness from “I could invite my grandmother” to “I tucked bail money in my bra”. Southeast Texas brides have access to everything they need for a party on any level.

For just about any level of bachelorette party, renting a beach house can be a great base of operations. Crystal beach has rebounded well and has wonderful beach homes for rent a short drive from anywhere in the Golden Triangle. Crystal Beach is also convenient for any of your girlfriend’s coming over from Houston or Galveston.

For those looking to keep things pretty tame, moms, grandmothers, aunts, and others can be invited to come out during the morning or afternoon for a nice lunch and laid back activities. They feel included, and you still have the evening to kick things up as much as you want. For this part of the day, you can do a potluck, fire up the grill, or pick up easy to serve items from Jack’s Pack It, Sam’s, or the deli section of your favorite grocery store.  In the evening when mom and grandma are safely back on the road, you can uncork the champagne or plug in the blender for margaritas. If there’s anything more wonderful than a Gulf Coast sunset shared with friends over icy margaritas or pina coladas it’s probably illegal. With a designated driver, you’re minutes from the restaurants and bars that dot Crystal beach and a short ferry ride from Galveston’s nightlife. Best of all, splitting a beach house with a bunch of friends is a lot easier on the wallet than multiple hotel rooms and more fun than staying at home.

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Below are some options for finding the right beach house for your setx bachelorette party:

Swede’s Real Estate & Cobb Real Estate has a lot of information updated regularly by locals including beach house rentals.

Whichever style of southeast texas bachelorette party you choose, have a wonderful time, take lots of pictures, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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