Southeast Texas Brides put unique slant on ‘something old, something new’

Wedding Planning: Southeast Texas

If you’re soon to be a Southeast Texas bride, you’ve heard the old saying – “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something – very unique”.

Well, close, right?

To make your Southeast Texas wedding both fun and sophisticated, modern brides give the old wedding adage a playful twist.

If you’re planning your Golden Triangle wedding, or helping someone special plan hers, here are some modern variations on Southeast Texas bridal traditions:

Something old:
Something old represents the bride’s past. Personalize this tradition by incorporating a small memento from you and your fiance’s past together. Did you keep something from one of your favorite dates? Maybe you still have the ticket stub from the first concert you attended together, or the wine cork from your first date?

Brides are tucking these small items into their bouquets to bring them good luck. At a special moment during the evening, you can reveal the keepsake to your husband and remember just how far you’ve come as a couple.

Something new:
Try to pick something that speaks of your future together. Maybe a photo of your new home or from your honeymoon destination.

Something borrowed:
To inherit luck, tradition says that something borrowed should be from a person who has a happy marriage.

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Thinking outside the box may mean that your something borrowed isn’t an actual item. Perhaps you want to honor your grandparents on your wedding and “borrow” parts of the vows they said so many years ago. Or maybe your best friend has a marriage philosophy you admire that you can print on the dessert napkins for all guests to enjoy. Feeling musical? Ask your parents what song played during their first dance and surprise them by borrowing it for your own.

Something blue:
Looking for something fun for your guests to take home as a thank you token? Wrap up blue lollipops and or other blue candies (blue M&Ms?) in gift bags with a special note thanking them for being part of your special day.

The modern bride is always finding new ways to incorporate Southeast Texas bridal traditions into their wedding. Finding something that is personal and meaningful to both you and your husband to be will make your wedding day even more memorable.

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