Southeast Texas Marriage Traditions: Yours, Mine, OURS

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“Yours, Mine, Ours”

On today’s Southeast Texas Marriage Traditions, we look at merging family traditions.

Your Southeast Texas wedding day is just the beginning of your life together.

When making your own home with your new spouse, it may take some time to find your own way to celebrate each holiday or to honor competing family traditions. Talking about how your family celebrates holidays or weekends or family time – and how you would like to celebrate them- will help prevent misunderstandings and heartbreak in your marriage.  A couple of honest conversations with your spouse will facilitate the transition from mine and yours traditions to OUR traditions.

Creating your own Southeast Texas Marriage traditions will strengthen your bond.

I do not like breakfast – my husband LOVES breakfast. On Sunday morning his way of showing love to our family was to cook a huge breakfast for me: homemade blueberry pancakes with equally homemade blueberry syrup, cream whipped up for a beautiful topping, crispy bacon, coffee, juice, etc. Another of his family favorites he brought to our marriage is grits, bacon, fried eggs, and homemade biscuits. For a little while I ate these elaborate breakfasts to show him that I appreciated his demonstration of love (and it was delicious). However, I’m just not ready to eat when I get up. My dad worked at the paper mill in Evadale which kind of through off our meal times. My family never ate until we’d been up for a couple of hours. Now he has perfected his cooking to a one portion serving. He gets the breakfast his family grew up with, and I don’t have to pretend to be hungry.

Casual Entrees breakfast

Is New Year’s Eve a dress up and go out to Coushatta or Suga’s Deep South Cuisine for you or more of a fuzzy slipper + hot toddyy + watch the ball drop on TV kind of night? That’s a good conversation to have around October, so you can set your expectations.

On Valentine’s Day will you be expecting a giant bouquet of roses or once it is “your” money would you rather just pay the electricity bill?

Do you envision taking a big getaway vacation every year or just for the big anniversaries – 10th, 25th, 50th?

Honeymoon Paris

How do you celebrate Halloween? I came from a very conservative, Southeast Texas Christian family that ONLY decorated for Fall which meant no skulls, spiders, ghosts, or goblins. My husband, however, loves to go all out with spooky and creepy decorations. It required a seesaw of seasonal sensibilities to find the right balance for our Southeast Texas family.

What do you eat on Thanksgiving? My family varies between chicken fried steak, fried fish, and gumbo. My husband celebrates with traditional turkey and dressing.

How should Santa deliver his presents at your home? Should they be wrapped with a name tag from Santa or Set out, unwrapped, battery filled, and with lights and sound turned on? These can be big emotional questions, so the earlier they are discussed the easier it will be to find common ground.

Christmas Traditions

On our Southeast Texas Christmas mornings, my family allowed the children to rip through gifts under the tree in a five second fury of flying bows and ribbon. My husband’s family passed around one gift at a time to enjoy watching each other opening their gifts. It was a tradition to be hashed out and tweaked with our own children- creating our own Southeast Texas marriage traditions.

Not being on the same page for big events and holidays can make for some funny stories later, but in the moment, it can be stressful to spontaneously find the balance that satisfies both of you. The best way to meet in the middle is to discuss holidays and special events before hand and let each other know honestly what traditions you would like to find a place in your new “together” home.

Minimizing Southeast Texas wedding stress will make for a much happier home.

From making wedding memories to sharing them with your grandchildren – and EVERY holiday in between, may your Southeast Texas marriage be filled with love, peace, and harmony.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s edition of Southeast Texas Marriage Traditions.

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Do you have a favorite Southeast Texas marriage tradition you’d like to share?

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