Southeast Texas Wedding Vendor Advertising Idea – Join a Referral Group Like the BNI Southeast Texas Networkers

Support for Southeast Texas Wedding Vendors

Referral Groups Help You Grow Your Business

Today on Southeast Texas Wedding News, we highlight a local referral group that assists Golden Triangle wedding vendors in both of BNI Orange Txthese areas 52 weeks a year, the BNI Southeast Texas Networkers.

The Southeast Texas Networkers are a branch of BNI – Business Network International.

“What you know is important”, but never underestimate the power of “who you know”.

The philosophy of BNI is “Givers Gain”. If I refer you to your next big client, you’ll be eager to do the same for me.

Each week, members of the Southeast Texas Networkers meet and share referrals.

This can be extremely effective for Southeast Texas wedding vendors.

A caterer can refer business to a banquet facility who can refer business to a wedding planner who can refer business to a florist who can refer business to a Mary Kay consultant (like BNI Southeast Texas Networkers member Emily Lopez)  who can refer business to a boutique who can refer business to a travel agent who can refer business to a party rental company who can refer business back to the caterer.

Wedding Vendors in SETX

As you can imagine, these referrals are very valuable to Southeast Texas wedding vendors.

If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, visit the Southeast Texas Networkers for their weekly meeting:BNI Lumberton Tx

  • Each Tuesday
  • 11:15 am
  • 2455 Commerce Street in Beaumont
  • Announce “I’m a guest of Daryl Fant and SETX Weddings“. You’ll be made welcome and introduced to other business owners.
  • There is no cost to visit our networking meetings.
  • Bring business cards to pass to the people you meet- including your next great referral partner.

Call with any questions: Daryl Fant. (512) 567-8068

Emily Lopez

Would you like more information on how BNI and the Southeast Texas Networkers can help wedding vendors grow their business? Mary Kay consultant Emily Lopez is a member.

We hope today’s edition of Southeast Texas Wedding News has been helpful.

If you’ve been looking for a team of fellow business owners who can refer you to your next client, visit the Southeast Texas Networkers Tuesdays at 11:15.

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Just say, “I’m a guest of Daryl Fant and SETX Weddings” and you’ll be made welcome.

Emily Lopez Mary Kay Beaumont Tx

Beaumont Mary Kay Consultant Emily Lopez stays busy with referrals from the BNI Southeast Texas Networkers

BNI Southeast Texas Networkers

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