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Southern Style Weddings – The Beau Reve

Southeast Texas has long been hard to put in a category. Like Beau Reve, Southeast Texas is part many things, and more than most.

Texas definitely has the flavor of the Old South. We have live oak trees and pecan orchards that rival any in Georgia or Mississippi. 

Texas definitely has the flavor of the Old West. Cowboys were invented here and all of the great trail drives began in Texas (or in Mexico going through Texas).

Texas is a little bit Old Mexico. After all, Mexico owned much of what is now Texas and that influence continues in much of our architecture, vernacular, and our cuisine.

Things get even more complicated when it comes to Southeast Texas. Southeast Texas has all of the above – amazing live oaks, family owned cattle ranches, and plenty of Mexican character all mixed up. What we have in Southeast Texas that most of Texas doesn’t is a very strong influence from Louisiana. For lots of wealthy Southeast Texans of days gone by, New Orleans was their “go to” getaway for shopping, culture, education, and entertainment rather than Houston or Dallas.

Southeast Texas brides typically have one of these influences, or frequently a mix of them, in mind when they plan their wedding.

If a Southern style is what you have in mind for your Southeast Texas wedding, Beau Reve could be the perfect fit.

Beau Reve Shrimp Ettouffee

You get a beautiful Southern style mansion for starters. It starts with a super long drive way and continues with a big Southern style circle drive. You get a little New Orleans flair with the front fountain.

The Southern feel is reinforced inside with lots of beautiful furniture and artwork that brings to mind fine Charleston or Richmond homes of the 1800s.

When it comes to planning the menu for your Southeast Texas wedding, Beau Reve can provide a very traditional Southern style menu- or any kind of menu you’d like. You’ll find Beau Reve to be extremely versatile. Whatever style you choose, the food is always of the highest quality and extremely fresh. In other words, delicious. 

If you haven’t been to Beau Reve, call them for a tour or stop by for lunch. That will give you a great feel for this little piece of the Old South right here in Southeast Texas.

You can also call ahead to schedule a formal consultation.

If you’re looking for a little Southern charm, the Beau Reve just might be your SETX wedding venue.

Venue: Beau Reve

Address: 4400 Atlantic Rd. Port Arthur, Tx 77702

Phone: (409) 962-2422

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Beau Reve Port Arthur wedding hall

We hope you have enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas wedding vendor spotlight: Southern Style Weddings – The Beau Reve.

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