Sweet Southeast Texas Weddings Start with a Candy Station from The Garden District Orange

When did you start planning your SETX wedding? When you were a little girl, right?

What else did you like when you were a little girl?


Candy is all about innocence, fun, and childhood.

In a sense, our wedding is the time when many of us say goodbye to childhood. Having a candy station is not just fun and tasty, it is a way to commemorate your crossing over into official womanhood.

baseball themed southeast texas wedding d

Fun twist on the candy station from a baseball themed wedding

A candy station is also nice for your guests. It can keep your guests’ children busy allowing you to talk with them and pose for pictures with them. It gives everyone the chance to connect with their own childhood innocence and fun. You’d be surprised how many 45 year old guys haven’t had a jawbreaker or pixie stick in years, a decade even.

Candy stations also give you a little grace period if your Southeast Texas wedding is running late. Open the candy station up right after dinner and people won’t be in such a hurry for you to cut the cake. The candy station can buy you lots of time and good will.

Plain and simple, a candy station is fun .

Garden District Groom's cake with candy station - SETX wedding caterer - Orange caterer

Your SETX wedding should reflect who you are, and if part of that is someone in touch with their inner child, a candy station can be a great way to reflect that.

If you would like a candy station at your wedding, The Garden District in Orange does lovely candy stations for weddings at their facility. Southeast Texas brides have been blown away by the attention to detail of the Garden District. They can include all of your favorites from atomic fire balls to Zero bars. They can also make everything look just the way you want- from over the top fun to classy and stylish.

Make your Southeast Texas wedding perfect- if that means a candy station, consider The Garden District.

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