Wedding Photos are the Perfect Gift

When you’re talking with your Southeast Texas wedding photographer, let them know of any special photos you’d like.

An experienced photographer will know all of the standard poses by heart and will likely have invented and a perfected a few more.

Keep in mind that wedding gifts make perfect gifts for those closest to you and your spouse. If you have some people you want to make sure receive a special photograph staged just for them, go over those with your photographer early in the process.

It it is a photograph for an elderly relative who couldn’t travel to the ceremony, consider a shot with you and your groom front and center and with the elderly relative’s side of the family behind or around you.

If it’s for a close friend or family member in the service who couldn’t attend due to overseas deployment, use the US flag or the flag of their branch of service in the photo (your photographer can also place one in digitally).

When it comes to photographs for the parents of the bride and groom, choosing a photo will probably be easy. To make it special, consider having it nicely framed with a heartfelt thank-you note on nice stationary showing your appreciation for all of their efforts in helping you have your dream wedding.

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