Football Season Makes for Great Bachelor Parties in SETX

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Bachelor Party + Football = AWESOME!

We’ve been deprived of football for eight months- and you’re getting married. We don’t know yet if you’ll be allowed to watch football after the wedding or not. I had a friend go from watching games on three screens in his living room before his wedding to having to sneak off to the bathroom to get score updates on his phone after he was married.

Just in case, maybe you should make your bachelor party a true football blowout.

High school football on Friday, college football on Saturday, and the NFL on Sunday.

High School football could be the easiest- or the hardest to choose. If you and your best buds all went to the same high school, that’s easy enough. If not, yikes! There’s a lot of great high school football around. Have some real fun and ask the guys at work which team you should go watch. That will keep them talking for days. If they can’t reach agreement, try Port Neches Groves, Vidor, or Newton. All have great fan bases that will add to your experience.

For college, you’re in for a treat. Lamar is truly one of the most ideal places to watch a college football game. I went to the University of Texas and it’s awesome to go back to watch games, but it is exhausting. You have to park miles from the stadium and walk the whole way. You’re packed into the stadium with 70,000 people, and you have to stand up for three hours (or you won’t see anything). At Lamar, you’ll have none of those headaches. There is ample free parking on campus. Show up early and get a prime spot for tailgating. Fire up a grill and enjoy a feast while you wait for kickoff. Keep it local with Zummo’s Party Time links or boudain. When the game starts, you can head straight to your seat, get comfortable, and really enjoy the game. Even the highest seats allow for an amazing view. If you’re not overstuffed from your tailgate party, you’ll find that even the concession stands are very reasonably priced. Last time we went, there was an amazing sunset- truly a perfect game experience.

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Southeast Texas is still pretty split on the NFL. Whether you’re a Dallas or Houston guy, both have awesome stadiums and are poised to return to the playoffs this year. For either, go plenty early both to park and for the tailgating. Check the team website. You may need a separate pass for tailgating.

Houston Texan Tailgating Information

Dallas Cowboy Tailgating Information

If you’re worn out from Friday and Saturday, head to your favorite sports bar and catch the NFL game on the big screen.

Either way, you’ll have had  a bachelor party weekend to remember- and you’ll have gotten enough live football to last you for a while.

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