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On today’s Beaumowedding planning Beaumont TX, wedding planner Southeast Texas, bridal magazine Beaumont TX, bridal fair Beaumont TX, wedding vendors Southeast Texas, SETX wedding professionals, SEO Beaumont TXnt Wedding Planning Ideas we look at wedding gifts a couple will treasure for a lifetime.

Personalized gifts are usually the most special. I don’t mean the one with your new last name monogramed into it, I’m talking about the hand stitched, crafted, prayed through, thoughtfully prepared using blood, sweat, and tears gifts.


Southeast Texans have friends and family with lots of impressive skills and hobbies- carpentry, quilting, painting, sculpting, and so much more.

My mom hand sewed all her Christmas ornaments for her and my dad’s first Christmas and still uses them every Christmas. Why? They have special meaning to them and special memories.

Each of us grandchildren received a hand-stitched quilt from our Nana for beginning our marriages, the colors chosen to match our décor and motifs. 

A beautiful cross-stitching of a scripture hanging prayerfully over your threshold, a matrimonial quilt from your grandmother will forever grace your home and marriage with love and beauty.

In preparing your registry consider the abilities of your Southeast Texas family and long- time friends. Does someone have a particular skill that would love to do what he/ she does best, practically a hobby, and make you a wedding gift? Don’t be afraid to ask or tell them what would really mean a lot to you.

Maybe your grandfather or uncle has perfected woodworking or is your quirky cousin an artist that can paint a canvas that would go great with your kitchen pattern? The only thing better than great art, is great art from the heart!

South Texas State Fair Quilting

It’s a bonding experience to choose a pattern together, quilt colors, swatches, and talk about hopes and dreams together. It’s the start of something very important – your thread in the heirlooms for your children.

Then, months later your wedding shower will ooze love and you won’t have doubles of these items.

When your homemade gift finds it’s special place in your home or homes throughout the years, you will carry a very, very special gift in your heart.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s edition of Beaumont Wedding Ideas.

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