Music sets the tone for your Wedding Reception. When planning for an event, couples should consider hiring a wedding DJ mainly because they have the ability to keep the guests entertained throughout the wedding reception.

A DJ brings fun, originality through your choice of music to be played, and spontaneity to keep the party going!

Besides the “party music” that your guests will surely love, Here are some key times that you will want to select special music to be played during your reception by your DJ:

  • Grand Entrance (Introduction Of The Wedding Party)
  • First Dance Before Dinner (Recommended)
  • Bride And Father Dance Before Dinner (Recommended)
  • Groom And Mother Before Dinner (Recommended)
  • Toasts To The Newlyweds – Before Dinner (Recommended)
  • Blessing (if you are planning to have a Blessing, softer music is suggested)
  • During Dinner (Recommended: softer mellow music so conversations are not drowned out)
  • Bridal Party Dance (Optional) After Dinner (Recommended)
  • Cake Cutting (Usually 30-45 Minutes After Dancing Begins)
  • Bouquet Toss (Usually During Last Hour Of Reception)