City of Beaumont Event Venues – Beaumont Wedding Venues

The Beaumont City Event Venues offer a number of beautiful options for Beaumont brides looking for the perfect Southeast Texas wedding venue.

Most Southeast Texas brides are pleasantly surprised to discover how many options they have through the City of Beaumont:

  • The Julie Rogers Theater
  • The Beaumont Civic Center
  • The Jefferson Theater
  • The Beaumont Event Center

The Julie Rogers is a very popular venue with Beaumont brides. They appreciate the elegant ambiance the Julie Rogers lends their Beaumont wedding ceremony and reception.

If you have a big wedding, but still want a beautiful historic setting, the Julie Rogers might be your perfect Beaumont venue.

You’ll love the way you look in your Beaumont wedding photos at the Julie Rogers Theater.

Your Beaumont wedding caterer will love the options for setup for your SETX wedding reception.

You have a world of room to have:

  • Separate cocktail reception area
  • Large area for your wedding reception, food stations, and buffets
  • Plenty of areas to take wonderful Beaumont wedding photos without tying up your reception space

Julie Rogers Theater Beaumont Wedding Venue

The Beaumont Civic Center is a very popular Beaumont wedding venue.

Beaumont brides love the “blank slate” that the Beaumont Civic Center offers for their Southeast Texas wedding decorator and caterer to bring their dream wedding to life.

Given time, imagination, and budget, the Beaumont Civic Center is almost infinitely customizable.

Your Beaumont wedding planner or decorator can really go crazy, particularly with theme weddings.

You can add sophisticated lighting, pavilions, stages, tents, just about anything you need to make your Southeast Texas wedding dreams come true.

There is plenty of room for your Beaumont wedding caterer to make their magic happen out of site of your guests and smoothly setup and serve for your SETX wedding reception.

Beaumont Civic Center Wedding Reception

 Many Southeast Texas brides have fallen in love with Beaumont’s Downtown Event Centre.

The endless wall of windows and contemporary styling make it a “must have” wedding venue for some Beaumont brides.

The modern feel of Beaumont’s Downtown Event Centre is something many Beaumont brides “have to have”, so if you’re among them book early – there is a waiting list.

The popularity of Beaumont’s Downtown Event Centre has been recognized by Southeast Texas wedding caterers. Beaumont Wedding Caterer Bando’s has a complete line of linens ordered to match the color scheme at the Downtown Event Centre.

Click for information on reserving Beaumont’s Downtown Event Center as your Beaumont wedding reception venue.

Beaumont Downtown Event Center Wedding Venue

Downtown Event Centre – 
700 Crockett St
Beaumont, Texas 77701

General Information and Booking
(409) 838-3435

(800) 782-3081

Beaumont Downtown Event Center SETX Wedding Reception Venue

The City of Beaumont Event Venues have something for every Southeast Texas Bride.

Beaumont brides looking for an elegant historic Beaumont wedding venue gravitate to the Julie Rogers Theater.

Golden Triangle Brides looking for a space that can be inifinitely customized to bring their Southeast Texas wedding dreams to life opt for the Beaumont Civic Center – a blank canvas to create their dream SETX wedding.

Southeast Texas brides yearning for a contemporary feel with a lot of buzz are willing to wait for the next open date at Beaumont’s Downtown Event Centre.

Whichever you choose, you’ll love your Beaumont wedding at the City of Beaumont Event Venues.

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