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Bando’s has long been recognized as one of the premier Beaumont wedding caterers. Their expertise and attention to detail has Southeast Texas brides reserving them for Southeast Texas weddings large and small, elegant to whimsical, unlimited budget or tight budget.

No matter the bride’s vision, Bando’s wedding catering has a reputation for delivering and exceeding each Southeast Texas bride’s expectations.

You’ve probably heard other Golden Triangle brides talk about Bando’s wedding catering, but maybe you haven’t had a chance to experience them for yourselves?

During the week, Bando’s is one of the most popular Beaumont lunch restaurants. If you haven’t eaten there before, gather up your fiancee (or a couple of your girlfriends) one day this week and enjoy a Bando’s lunch. That will give you a chance to experience the care Bando’s brings to loving creating each and every meal.

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While you are there, take some time to browse the Bando’s gift shop.

Bando’s gift shop has some really special collections including:

  • Jewelry by Virgins, Saints, and Angels
  • Vera Bradley (largest selection in Beaumont?)
  • The Julie Collection – jewelry created with an eye for classic design
  • Godiva
  • Hand made chocolates
  • Religious icons, jewelry, crosses, literature (including collegiate devotionals), and more


Bando's gift Shop Virgins, Saints, Angels


Over lunch, you’ll start to get ideas on how Bando’s can bring your dream Southeast Texas wedding to life.

Bando’s caters Beaumont weddings at many of the top Southeast Texas wedding venues including:Bando's Wedding Catering larger

  • Phelan Mansion
  • Art Museum of Southeast Texas
  • Beaumont Botanical Gardens
  • Broussard’s Event Center
  • Compro Event Center.
  • Julie Rogers Theater

Bando’s wedding catering has extensive experience with each Beaumont wedding venue, so please feel free to call Bando’s with questions or for ideas.

Bando’s has already catered a number of weddings at the new Beaumont Event Center. Bando’s wedding catering has already purchased  brand new decorative items to match the color palette of the Beaumont Event Center.  Most Bando’s Southeast Texas wedding catering proposals will have the china, glassware, silverware and linens included.

Bando’s is pleased to offer Southeast Texas brides state of art equipment including:

  • refrigerated/heated trucks
  • warmers to hold foods
  • silver & copper chafing dishes
  • specialized food vessels
  • plus several linen choices.

Whether your Golden Triangle wedding requires a formal table or Bando’s unique disposable trays, be assured that Bando’s style of creating visual art with food is truly unique and will provide just the right memory- and photo opportunity for your Beaumont wedding reception.

Bando’s has over 25,000 pieces of linens, china, crystal, flatware, silver and copper chafing dishes, and heavy baroque silver trays for your use when you choose Bando’s to cater your Beaumont wedding.

Have you chosen a theme for your Southeast Texas wedding reception?  Bando has everything on hand for theme events including Mexican fiestas, Southwestern, Italian, Calypso, and more.

One of the greatest assets a Beaumont bride can have on her side is Bando’s team of  Beaumont wedding reception specialists.

Bando’s is proud that most of their wedding catering staff has been with them for over 10 years and some almost 30 years.

Bando’s goal is to bring Southeast Texas brides the freshest and newest ideas from around the wedding reception world- while being ever mindful of your budget!

Some of the things that have made Bando’s so popular with Beaumont brides include:

  • Mastery of multiple culinary styles including Cajun, Mexican, Italian, Home Style, and Napa Valley.
  • Ability to customize a Southeast Texas reception menu for any bride’s taste.
  • Bando’s can handle “fun and casual” just as well as they do “elegant and sophisticated”.
  • Each menu item is treated like it’s Bando’s signature dish – every appetizer, each entree, all of their sides, even their breads.

For a Beaumont bride, spending some time with Bando’s wedding catering menus can help her visualize her dream SETX wedding reception.

Click here for Bando’s wedding reception appetizer menu. The Bando’s appetizer menu has all of the appetizers you’ve heard other Southeast Texas brides rave about – Bando’s crab cakes, spinach dip, Asian barbecue lettuce wraps, mini sliders, Beaumont’s best spanakopita, and… the list goes on and on. If you don’t see an appetizer you’ve been dreaming of, ask Bando’s to create it for your Beaumont reception.

Click here for Bando’s creative Beaumont wedding reception stations. Having themed wedding reception stations can add a great deal to your Beumont wedding guest’s experience. They can choose the foods they like- and there is a lot of room for them to customize their meal to their exact taste. Bando’s is a leader in creating unique Beaumont wedding reception stations and they have created a number of unique culinary experiences to wow your guests. Some of the most highly recommended by other Southeast Texas brides include:

  • A Taste of Old Italy. Your SETX wedding guests may choose from two kinds of pasta, with Mama Marie’s homemade Alfredo & Marinara Sauces. Your wedding guests will enjoy toppings sautéed by our Chef to include Sun-dried tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, diced onion & artichoke hearts. They can top off their pasta experience with fresh Parmesan Cheese.
  • Bourbon Street Bash. There’s no escaping it, Louisiana has had a tremendous impact on Southeast Texas cuisine and palates. Southeast Texas wedding receptions are no exception – your guests have a taste for that New Orleans flavor. This station offers your guests a dash of Cajun, with some of Bubba Gumps favorite recipes.  The Bourbon Street Bash includes:  Jumbo Shrimp Shooters – A Tangy gazpacho with a Jumbo Cajun Spiced Shrimp, Miniature Eastern Shore Crab cakes, Red Bliss Potato Salad, and Mini Soft Rolls with condiments.
  • Slider Station. Will there be children at your wedding reception? Do your guests a favor and remember them when you’re planning the menu. Nothing is as universally pleasing to Southeast Texas wedding guests young and old as the tiny hamburger. Simply stated, Bando’s has mastered the slider.  Homemade mini buns, griddled with butter in front of your guests. Next Bando’s adds a Black Angus mini hamburger patty and tops it off with yourguest’s favorite cheese – Maytag blue, brie, havarti, goat or cheddar (yes, most kids pick cheddar!) If your guest wants it really gourmet Bando’s chef can add sautéed mushrooms or caramelized onions. Sliders are served with homemade chips (fresh potatoes hand cut into thin slices and fried like french fries).

Click here for Bando’s two entree Beaumont wedding buffet menu. Bando’s sets a beautiful buffet for their Southeast Texas brides. The bride chooses two entrees, a salad, two side dishes, and a bread. Bando’s wedding caterers do the rest. Whatare some of the entrees Beaumont brides rave about? You’ve probably heard them talk about the Chicken Milanese and the Shrimp Creole. The King Ranch Chicken has been insisted on by a number of Southeast Texas grooms. The grilled tilapia is very popular – light and flaky with no “fishy” taste. Delightful. Browse the menu and choose your favorites.


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Keep Bando’s in mind for your Southeast Texas rehearsal dinner. Bando’s comfortably seats 50 at their location on 11th street or can set up at your chosen venue, even your home.

Choosing Bando’s for your Southeast Texas rehearsal dinner allows you the chance to enjoy Bando’s high quality of cuisine while choosing a different theme. Essentially, that allows you to have two very different styles of meal at your Beaumont wedding reception and your rehearsal dinner, but both with Bando’s attention to quality and detail.

If you are looking for some ideas on how to make your Southeast Texas rehearsal dinner special, call Bando’s to set up a consultation: (409) 212-8445

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Owner, Deborah Bando-Duit, CEC, AAC, is a founding member of the American Culinary Chapter and Chaine des Rotisseurs (a food and wine society) in Beaumont.

Does Bando’s sound like the ideal Southeast Texas wedding caterer for you?

Call Bando’s today to set up a consultation:

Beaumont Wedding CatererBando’s
Address: 215 N. 11th Street, Beaumont, Tx
Phone: (409) 212-8445
Days/ Hours: Monday – Friday 9a-5:30p
About Bando’s: Bando’s has been providing fairy tale Southeast Texas wedding reception menus for Southeast Texas brides for over 30 years.

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