The Beaumont Club Has History With Golden Triangle Brides

Golden Triangle brides seeking a historic Southeast Texas wedding venue find what they’re looking for at The Beaumont Club.

Five generations of SETX brides have chosen The Beaumont club for their weddings and receptions.

At one time, downtown Beaumont offered the most elegant ambiance for weddings for almost 100 miles in any direction.

The Beaumont Club keeps that tradition of elegance and excellence alive for their Golden Triangle brides.

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In speaking with Beaumont brides, one of the unique features they appreciate about the Golden Club is the “blank slate” approach to creating your Southeast Texas wedding reception menu.

Instead of checking boxes on a menu, Golden Triangle brides (and their fiancees) just talk about the foods they enjoy the most and the feel they want for the wedding. The Beaumont Club wedding coordinator and chef help them turn that into a menu.

Some brides really appreciate a rare cut of prime rib, and The Beaumont Club does it right.

Beaumont Club beaumont wedding caterer carving station

Others choose fried chicken or fajitas.

There are no “rules”.

At The Beaumont Club, you get “your” wedding reception, each item chosen because you love it and want it at your Southeast Texas wedding.

Sound good?

Schedule a consultation with The Beaumont Club today – become a part of Beaumont wedding history.

The Beaumont Club
590 Orleans,  Downtown Beaumont

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The Beaumont Club is celebrating over 90 years of bringing elegant Beaumont weddings downtown.

Put their experience to work helping you create your dream wedding.

Call today.

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