Top Wedding Trends for Southeast Texas Brides on a Budget

On today’s Southeast Texas Wedding Trends, we look at ideas for brides on a budget.

For Southeast Texas brides-to-be, the big day seems like it comes with a big price tag – but it doesn’t have to. The season’s top wedding trends pair elegance and affordability with options to make an event that is uniquely “you.”

To stay within your budget, follow these Southeast Texas wedding trends.

* Outdoor weddings offer romance at a reasonable price

Perhaps no other setting is more romantic than the outdoors. Mother Nature provides the best backdrop for your special occasion. Outdoor weddings can be more affordable as parks or gardens typically offer rental areas at a reasonable rate. Know a relative with a beautiful yard? Ask them if you can host your wedding there. Then all you have to do is rent the supplies, such as chairs, tents and archways from your local American Rental Association rental store. There are several great Southest Texas outdoor wedding venues like The Brown Estate Orange and Beau Reve Port Arthur.

* Create a fun eating environment for your SETX wedding reception for less than you think

The reception is often the largest cost of hosting a wedding. Budget-wise brides are choosing locations where you can provide your own food and drinks. Food stations, rather than a typical buffet, can be set up around the reception room offering different types of food, such as salad bar, pasta and desserts. You can rent everything you need to keep food fresh and serve it in style so you don’t have to worry.

* Add personal SETX wedding accessories for a lasting look

The gown is an important part of being a beaming bride, but it can be a large expense. Get a beautiful look with plenty of personality, without breaking the bank. Start with a simple gown and accessorize it to suit your tastes. Add a splash of color with a bright sash or flashy shoes. Hair accessories provide a fashionable option at little cost. Shorter veils are very popular and cost much less than longer options.

Check out Weddings and More bridal boutique in Beaumont for ideas and inspiration.

The Garden District – Orange Texas

* Create homemade floral arrangements

Once you add up the bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres and more, your floral expense can be shocking. Brides are choosing to take a personal approach by gathering friends and family to create the flower pieces. Get together and create the masterpieces for the big day while enjoying food, drink and each other’s company. It’s a great way to bond and save money, while creating something beautiful and meaningful.

Do you want the look of beautiful fresh flowers?

Schedule a consultation with K&K Designs in Beaumont. Ask them for some ideas that will work within your budget. They are professional wedding designers and have a wonderful idea for floral arrangement.

You can choose the ideas from today’s list that work for you.

Maybe they all apply, maybe you just need one or two.

Wedding Ideas SETX

We want to make sure we’re bringing you SETX wedding ideas you can use – and love.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s Southeast Texas Wedding Trends.

Stay tuned for more Golden Triangle wedding inspiration right here.

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