Auto Reviews for Southeast Texas Brides: Nissan Murano is all New for 2015 – at Nissan of Silsbee

On today’s edition of Auto Reviews for Southeast Texas Brides we take a look at the all new Nissan Murano – completely redesigned for 2015.

One of the most popular sport utility crossover vehicles, the Nissan Murano has a lot to offer Golden Triangle brides.

A lot of our brides are looking for a new vehicle that will reflect who they are now and their lifestyle after marriage – including preparing for a larger family.

2015 Nissan Murano Infographic - Back

The 2015 Nissan Murano gives Southeast Texas brides the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

For the woman you are today, the Nissan Murano has stunning looks and lots of power – 260 horses running free on Southeast Texas roads. For the bride you’ll be, the Murano offers room for children, groceries, strollers, and the other accessories of married life. And yes, you’ll still look great in your Murano.

Your husband will appreciate the Murano as well. Unlike traditional “mommy mobiles” the Murano has the ground clearance for a visit to the deer stand and visiting the in-laws on Southeast Texas back roads.

Nissan Murano Southeast Texas Car Review 2015

One of the things we endeavor to do on Auto Reviews for Southeast Texas Brides is

Here are some of the features that make the Nissan Murano a hit with Southeast Texas brides:Nissan Murano Auto Reviews Southeast Texas

  • Value: The Murano starts under $30,000 allowing you to show not only your great taste, but your fiscal responsibility as well.
  • Performance: With 260 horsepower, the Murano feels like a sports car – without sacrificing the passenger and storage space you’ll need in married life.
  • Gas Mileage: Get up to 28 mpg on the highway, giving you extra days between stops at the gas station.
  • Good Looks: On some level, a vehicle will always be your most visible accessory. You work hard to look good- so does the 2015 Nissan Murano. Check out the  ultra modern open concept layout that makes it easier to communicate between the front and backseats.
  • Storage Space. Are you running errands by yourself and need a little extra space? Push a button and the back seat folds down giving you plenty of room. Picking up the kids? Push the button again and your backseat reappears.

SETX brides aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed the 2015 Murano.

Popular Science Magazine has recognized the Murano with its coveted “Best of What’s New” award.

2015 P42M

Each edition of Auto Reviews for Southeast Texas Brides will feature one or more vehicles available locally that might be the ideal fit for you.

Is the Nissan Murano the just right vehicle for you?

Take a test drive today at Nissan of Silsbee.

Nissan of Silsbee

3480 Hwy 96 Bypass in Silsbee.

Nissan of Silsbee Phone: 409-299-3221

Click here for the Nissan of Silsbee homepage – or to schedule your Test Drive.

Stay tuned to SETX Weddings for upcoming editions of Auto Reviews for Southeast Texas Brides.

We’ll bring you new vehicles and the information you need to determine which one is just right for the woman you are today – and the woman you’ll be after your Southeast Texas wedding.

Nissan Murano Silsbee Tx



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