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Wedding Vendors in Southeast TexasOn today’s Beaumont Wedding Catering Tips, we share some thoughts from Bando’s Catering in Southeast Texas.

Catering is one of the most memorable aspects of any Golden Triangle wedding reception.

Your Southeast Texas wedding guests will remember food presentation and quality.

They remember how the food made them feel. Impressed, surprised, fulfilled.

If the ceremony starts a half hour late, there are bees in the flowers, and the power goes off in the middle of the ceremony, all will be forgiven if you serve great food at your SETX wedding reception. Go one step further and have an open bar and all of the above may just be forgotten completely.

Bando's Beaumont wedding caterer

Talk to your caterer early and openly. Top Beaumont caterers like Bando’s can go as high end as you want, but just as importantly they can still produce top quality food for a much more down to earth budget. They just need to know at the beginning what you’re looking for- theme, budget, and “must haves”.

If you have a special Southeast Texas wedding theme, let your Southeast Texas wedding caterer know.

Maybe you met your husband to be during your study abroad in Spain? Your caterer can do a whole tapas theme.

If you were a barrel racer and he was a bull rider, your caterer can come up with a great Western menu- as traditional or avant-garde as you’d like.

Bando's Beaumont Lunch

If you are both hunters, your SETX caterer can come up with a menu that replicates some of your favorite wild game dishes. Your guests certainly won’t be “boar”ed with such a unique menu.

If you both love baseball, tone it down and go with hotdogs, nachos, a popcorn machine, and soft serve ice cream. This also makes for a budget friendly Southeast Texas wedding menu. Many of our brides just think of Bando’s as a high end caterer, but like most Southeast Texas caterers, they really want every bride to be happy and they can work with what you like – and with your budget.

Bando's Beaumont wedding caterer 2

You can also compromise and find middle ground with your spouse when it comes to planning your reception.

A friend of mine was a huge Dodgers fan and his wife was very into high fashion and style. He let her plan everything just the way she wanted it- except their ice sculpture was a replica of Dodger’s stadium. She had the beautiful wedding she’d always dreamed of and the one thing for him was something both their friends will always remember- something distinct and personal.

As long as your Southeast Texas caterer knows what your budget parameters are, they are just has happy working on something high end or with a very conservative budget. Either allows them to demonstrate their creativity, the breadth of their culinary knowledge and skills, and gives them the chance to make your dream wedding come true- which is really what it is all about.

Bando's Lunch Beaumont TX

Great Golden Triangle wedding caterers can help with more than just the food.

If you choose your wedding caterer early in the process of planning your wedding, their experience in all Bando's Beaumont wedding caterer 1of our Golden Triangle wedding and reception venues gives them outstanding insight. If you have your choice narrowed down to three venues, don’t hesitate to ask your caterer what they know about each venue- they just may have the perfect advice that helps you make the right choice for your special day.

The top Beaumont wedding caterers are more than happy to share their preferred vendor lists and their insights on the Southeast Texas wedding vendors you can rely on.

Finally, make sure someone is looking out for you at your SETX wedding reception.

Ask a friend or family member (your SETX wedding caterer might have already taken care of this) to set some food aside for you and your groom. There will be so much going on with greeting guests and posing for photos that more than one couple has found that by the time they got a break to eat there wasn’t much left.

Whether fancy or fun (or a mix of both), your Golden Triangle wedding catering will make your reception memorable.

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Let your caterer know early what you want and the budget you’re working with. In Southeast Texas we have wonderful caterers who can deliver your perfect reception no matter your theme, tastes, or budget.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s Beaumont Wedding Catering Tips.

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If you’re not already familiar with Bando’s, visit them for lunch during the week or schedule your Beaumont bridal consultation.

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About Bando’s: Bando’s has been providing fairy tale Southeast Texas wedding reception menus for Southeast Texas brides for over 30 years.

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