Beaumont Wedding Reception Venue the Broussard Centre

When Southeast Texas brides seek privacy for their SETX wedding reception, they find it at Beaumont wedding venue The Broussard Centre.

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Broussard’s Centre provides elegance and exclusivity.

The Broussard family designed their Beaumont event center from the ground up to accommodate SETX brides whose families required a private setting for their special events.

Unlike a hotel or multi-event center, Beaumont brides have The Broussard Centre all to themselves.

This is a big benefit for many Southeast Texas brides.

You have the peace of mind of knowing the venue is all yours.

The Broussard Centre is an elegant facility with lots of attractive design features.

There is a perfect space for a cocktail reception before entering the formal dining room.

Your Southeast Texas wedding caterer will enjoy working in the space as well – there is great space and resources for them to make your Beaumont wedding reception perfect.

When Southeast Texas brides are looking for a private Beaumont wedding reception venue, they find it at The Broussard Centre.

Elegant. Private. Exclusive.

The Broussard Event Centre in Beaumont.

Broussard's Centre - Beaumont Texas  Wedding Venue & Event Facility

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