Beaumont Wedding Venue – The Laurels

wedding venue Beaumont TXBeaumont TX Wedding Venues– The Laurels on Calder

There are some wonderful wedding venues in Southeast Texas. One of the newest and most talked about is The Laurels in Beaumont.

Each of our SETX brides has their own vision in mind of “the perfect Beaumont wedding venue”.

When you see yours, you will know it immediately.

For many of our brides, that feeling hits when they visit The Laurels.

If you have not scheduled your bridal consultation, give them a call to make arrangements.

The popular Beaumont TX wedding venue was brought to life by K&K Designs.

wedding venue Beaumont TX

They wanted to give Southeast Texas brides a local wedding ceremony and reception facility that combined classic beauty with modern venue Beaumont TX

That is what The Laurels offers Beaumont brides– an elegant Beaumont wedding venue with modern amenities.

The venue blends in with its Old Town Beaumont neighborhood along Calder Avenue.

It is not a historic venue though. It was just designed to look that way. It is actually brand new, built to specifications created by K&K Designs.

Southeast Texas Brides fall in love with the blend of historic ambiance and contemporary amenities.

Discover The Laurels for yourself today – schedule your Beaumont bridal consultation.

  • The Laurels, Beaumont Wedding Venue – combining classic style with modern conveniences
  • 1315 Calder in Beaumont
  • (409) 225-0712
  • Facebook: The Laurels

When you see it, you’ll know – The Laurels on Calder is a beautiful Beaumont wedding venue.

Call today to schedule your Southeast Texas bridal consultation.

wedding venue Beaumont TX

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