Southeast Texas Couples: Find Financial Peace BEFORE Your Southeast Texas Wedding

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Southeast Texas Bridal Insight Find Financial Peace BEFORE Your Southeast Texas Wedding

You are putting a lot of work into planning your SETX wedding. Understandably, you want it to last forever.

There are some things you can do to help make that happen.

Finances are one of the top three reasons for divorce and marital stress. This is true for Southeast Texas marriages, and it is true across the country. Start your marriage off strong with a shared perspective regarding money. financial planning Southeast Texas, financial planning Beaumont Tx, financial planning SETX, financial planning Golden Triangle, financial planning SWLA, financial planning Lake Charles, financial planning Orange Tx, financial planning Port Arthur, financial planning Jasper Tx, financial planning Woodville Tx

You will need to have similar values on money to minimize stress in your marriage. It won’t happen overnight, but the sooner you start the process the easier the transition will be. Conversation regarding spending and saving is a must before you tie the knot. You have a lot of other things to do between now and your wedding- but this may be one of the most important.

Sit down together and ask questions then WRITE your answers down.

Here are some questions that may not make the normal list… remember, everything related to money is important to discuss with your spouse.

What you feel is of upmost importance may have never crossed his mind even once.
What is a normal amount to spend on each family member at Christmas?
 Do you have a savings account? How much should you save monthly? How much money do you save monthly?
What do you do with your income tax return refund – will that change after we get married?
 Do you tithe or regularly give to charities?
Do you go out to eat for lunch or take your lunch to work? Are you open to making a change after the wedding?
 What are two very important goals for you financially for your future individually or in your marriage?
Do you want to stay home when you have children or continue working?
 If your boss gave you $500 for no reason, what would you use it for?
When do you want to retire? What are you willing to sacrifice to meet that deadline?

You can probably see pretty quickly how important it is to have some of these questions now rather than after the wedding.

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If it is important for you to tithe but your husband doesn’t know anything about tithing, he’s probably going to be surprised when 10% of every check disappears.

If one of you is spending $50 or $100 a week on lunch and lattes as a single person, that may be harder to do after marriage. If you don’t at least talk about it, it can become a source of resentment and arguments.

You may look at a vehicle as “transportation” only caring that it runs reliably. Your spouse may look at a vehicle as his primary expression of identity- something requiring shiny rims, giant tires, custom paint, and with more money in electronics than your whole car cost.

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When you are making a mortgage payment, saving for a vacation, and putting money aside for retirement (pssst: don’t count on social security), there will be far less “extra” money than there has been while you’re single.

If you are planning on staying home after you have a baby, have that conversation now. Most Southeast Texas families have to budget very seriously to survive on one income. If your husband thinks you like your job, he might think you are planning on working there a long time. He might be very open to you staying at home, but don’t assume he’s already thought about it.

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Need a guide or plan to follow to get out of debt and stay out of debt? Anything you can do now to find financial peace before your Southeast Texas wedding, will pay off big down the road. Check out Financial Peace University @ Many Southeast Texas marriages have been strengthened by using some or all of the tips provided by Dave Ramsey’s course.

It can change your life and help you sleep better at night knowing that your owe no one and knowing that you and your spouse are financially honest with each other. In Southeast Texas marriages, trust about money rates up there with trust about fidelity and to have one within a relationship makes it more likely you will have the other.

Grow up together in love and in finances by committing yourself to love for richer or poorer, and committing yourself to live in financial peace.

Consult a local Southeast Texas financial planner for additional advice.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature Southeast Texas Bridal Insight Find Financial Peace BEFORE Your Southeast Texas Wedding.

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