Lower Southeast Texas Wedding Stress- at The Garden District in Orange

For Southeast Texas brides, our wedding days can be more stressful than ever.

Our lives are more stressful!

Our jobs are stressful. Driving in traffic is stressful. Paying the bills is stressful. Watching the evening news is stressful.

SETX brides absolutely deserve one day with minimal stress- your wedding day.

The Garden District in Orange is a wedding and reception venue that specializes in stress prevention for Golden Triangle brides.

One way the Garden District reduces stress is by providing SETX brides a large number of services under one roof. The Garden District can serve as your wedding venue, reception venue, wedding rental specialist, decorator, and as your first class wedding caterer.

Another way the Garden District reduces stress is by assisting you in much the way a top wedding planner would. You describe to the Garden District coordinator what you want your to achieve your dream wedding and they will assist you every step of the way.

Many of the functions they will be able to provide in house. For the areas where other professionals are needed, the Garden District maintains a list of wedding vendors who have consistently demonstrated top notch work, have been easy to work with, and have proven to be on time and reliable.

The Garden District also reduces stress by following current wedding and reception trends and having everything you need to wow your guests. Candy station? No problem. Margarita machine? You bet. Champagne fountain? Yes indeed. Potato bar or Italian Pasta bar- delicious and elegant. Chocolate fountain? Absolutely – and the fresh strawberries and tasty dipping treats to go with it.

The Garden District also coordinates everything for Southeast Texas weddings from setup through cleanup.

Real life is stressful- your Southeast Texas wedding doesn’t have to be.

Schedule a consultation with the Garden District and let your cares melt away while your dreams come true.

The Garden District in Orange is a wonderful asset for SETX brides.

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