New Year’s Resolutions for Southeast Texas Brides

New Year’s Resolutions for Southeast Texas Brides

This is the year many of our Southeast Texas brides’ wedding dreams will come true.

SETX Weddings would like to give you ladies a few achievable “Southeast Texas Bridal New Year’s Resolutions” to help you achieve your perfect day.

1. Let your Southeast Texas Wedding Professionals Help You. Chances are you know exactly who you want to perform some functions at your wedding and reception but you’re unsure on others. Let’s say you know you are going to have your wedding at The Clifton Event Complex but you don’t know who is going to do the cake. Ask your wedding planner with The Clifton Event Complex for their advice. If you have a “short list” already, they can help you pick the perfect vendor. Most Southeast Texas wedding and wedding reception venues are pretty well informed on who has a record of making their brides happy and who doesn’t. Some venues like The Holiday Inn Beaumont Plaza keep a list of vendors they’ve been favorably impressed with and share them with their Southeast Texas brides. Everyone’s goal is that your special day go just right.

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2. Make Every Step of Planning Your Wedding Fun. For most SETX brides, wedding planning unfolds over a period of several months. If your wedding planning is fun, your year will be fun. If your wedding planning is stressful, your year will be stressful – and that stress will radiate out to your Southeast Texas groom and your family. Not ideal for anyone.

Try to make things as enjoyable for you as possible – your joy also radiates outward, which your SETX groom and family will appreciate! Ask your groom early in the process- do you want to be involved with picking flowers, appetizers, and cakes or would you rather I just do it? If you care a lot and he cares very little, cut him loose from the wedding planning process. He’ll show up at the wedding.

Make each event a time to catch up with and old girlfriend or to spend some quality time with your mom (Hey, she likes flowers. And cake). For the things where you do want the groom make it a date and then it will seem less like a chore. You’ll get his input and he’ll be more relaxed and free with his opinions. If you’re evaluating a restaurant like Suga’s Deep South Cuisine, make a visit for brunch or a Saturday evening when they have live jazz. If you both enjoy your “date” you can put Suga’s on your short list or go ahead and schedule a consultation to plan your Southeast Texas rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.

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3. Put Your Friends’ Experiences to Work for You. One thing Southeast Texas brides have going for them is that their friends and family have already gone to a lot of Southeast Texas weddings (often including their own!). Ask them questions and let their answers help you create a shorter list of vendors to visit in person. Were they impressed with the beauty of The Brown Estate? Put them on the list.

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4. Make time your friend. If you have several months before your wedding, savvy Southeast Texas brides schedule things with nice long gaps between them. Meet with florists one week and then take a week off before looking at wedding cakes. Trying to do everything in a marathon blitz will be exhausting and make it hard to remember what you liked and what you didn’t.

A co-worker told me an old joke once, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”. The silly wisdom applies very well to planning your SETX wedding – do one thing at a time. As long as everything is spaced out appropriately, you can get it done with a minimum of stress.

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5Don’t Second Guess Yourself. Once you make a decision, trust yourself. If you choose bacon wrapped shrimp as an appetizer, don’t wake up in the middle of the night to stress over whether you should have chosen the bacon wrapped shrimp with pineapple. Each of your decisions IS the right one. Don’t lose a moment’s sleep over second guessing yourself.

At SETX Weddings, we work hard to bring Southeast Texas brides the information they need to plan perfect Southeast Texas weddings. We hope these simple “New Year’s Resolutions for SETX Brides” will help you plan your special day and keep stress to a minimum.

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Southeast Texas brides deserve stress free perfection!

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We hope you have enjoyed this year’s New Year’s Resolutions for Southeast Texas brides.

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