Non Traditional Southeast Texas Bachelor Party – Fort Travis

Are you looking for a fun Southeast Texas bachelor party idea?

For various reasons, men are looking more and more to non-traditional bachelor parties.

Popular themes include getting out Fort Travis SETX Bachelor Partyof town with the guys for an  Astros or Dallas Cowboy game, a trip to the old alma mater, and camping/hunting/fishing weekends.

For Southeast Texas bachelors, we don’t have to look far for any of these opportunities.

Today, I’d like to share a great place for a camping and fishing weekend that’s not much more than an hour from anywhere in the Golden Triangle: Old Fort Travis on Crystal Beach.

Old Fort Travis is on the western end of Bolivar Peninsula close to the ferry landing. Fort Travis is really interesting in that it’s great as a park, great as a camping place, great for historical value, and a great daytrip getaway from anywhere in the Golden Triangle – and it is rarely overcrowded.

Historians will like the fact that you can still see a lot of the original structure. In fact, in1961 during Hurricane Carla, many of the local residents stayed there to ride out the storm, along with their cattle and other animals. Carla devastated the entire area, so the fort was a real blessing for those lucky enough to reach it in time. Locals still tell stories of this adventure, and some remember it as the ultimate setx hurricane party.

For guys looking for a non-traditional bachelor party, the big draws will be the excellent camping facilities and the quality fishing.

Fishermen will want to focus on the rocky shoreline. The rocks grow barnacles, moss, and harbor lots and lots of crabs and small baitfish. These combine to attract and hold all of the most desirable inshore saltwater species: flounder, trout, redfish, black drum, sheep’s head, and the occasional Spanish mackeral. If you like to fish artificial lures, larger than normal trout will hit in the early morning on topwater plugs like the Zara spook. Poppers work as well. During the day, just about anything will hit on silver or gold Johnson Sprite spoons. Consider replacing the treble hooks with a single hook or use their “weedless” spoons to minimize getting stuck on the rocks. For live bait, this is an excellent place to use small crabs. Sheepshead and redfish in particular love them. Catch your own or buy them if you’re coming through Bridge City or Port Arthur. Live mullet, mud minnows, and live or frozen shrimp all catch fish as well. If you’re getting too much attention from hard head or gafftop catfish consider moving to a larger bait like a larger mullet or mullet head. You’ll catch less fish, but most of what you do catch will be large trout, redfish, or the occasional black tip or bull shark. If you’re up for it, consider bringing a castnet. That way you know you’re using the same bait that the fish are already feeding on- and it’s absolutely fresh. Keep them live in a floating baitbucket.

Fort Travis Golden Triangle Bachelor Party

Grilling is a great feature of the non-traditional bachelor party. Fort Travis has very nice picnic areas with benches and cooking facilities. You can grill your catch or feast on grilled chicken, steaks, or fajitas. My friends and I like to buy fresh gulf shrimp on the way down. We pair each shrimp with a jalapeno and wrap with bacon and stick everything together with toothpicks. We grill them until the bacon are crispy- just watch that you don’t overcook the shrimp!

Wide grassy areas are invitations to kick back in a lawn chair and to relax and watch the ships in the Bolivar Roads on the way to or from Houston. There’s plenty of room for flag football, kickball, or if you have enough guys softball. I’m not a big fan of working up a sweat at a bachelor party, so consider bringing a washer board or horseshoes.

At any kind of bachelor party, telling stories should be one of the main activities. A camping/fishing bachelor party can be a great time to relive all of your old memories and to create new ones.

After a a great day with friends, crack open an ice cold drink and watch the sun set over the Gulf.

Sunset SETX Wedding

Call ahead to reserve cabanas or camping sites.

Old Fort Travis
on Crystal Beach, Texas
Reservations: (409) 934-8100
Reservations Fax: (409) 934-8140

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Catching redfish Sabine Pass TX.

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