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The Brown Estate – Lamar State College in Orange

So you want an outdoor wedding in Southeast Texas?

The key to the perfect outdoor wedding in Southeast Texas is timing. Unlike Los Angeles or Miami, we have a very narrow calendar window for “safely” planning Southeast Texas outdoor weddings.

There are four primary concerns: heat, cold, rain, and wind.

In planning with your wedding coordinator and/or venue, you can come up with a window that gives you the best chance for success. Both will likely strongly encourage you to also let them help you with a backup plan.

No matter how careful you are in choosing the best possible date, in Southeast Texas the weather can turn in an instant.

Here are some tips that can help you maximize the success (and minimize the stress) of your outdoor wedding.

  1. Make full use of your local wedding experts. If you have an experienced Southeast Texas wedding planner, they have probably seen it all. They can give you a list of recommendations and help you keep on budget. Your coordinator at your wedding venue knows their property intimately. They will have learned what works and doesn’t work at their facility and can help you. Check in with your caterer early in the process. Let them know your vision and let them tell you what they need to ensure they can deliver. Finally, don’t forget your photographer. Their input on timing around natural light outdoors- and their suggestions on what to do to help cope with unexpected bad weather should definitely be taken into account.
  2. Have a backup plan for your wedding ceremony. Try to get your outdoor setup near an entrance to the indoor facility. A facility like the Brown Estate (at Lamar State College Orange) or The Clifton Event Complex (in Beaumont) can help you plan the perfect outdoor wedding- and put in place a backup just in case nature doesn’t cooperate.
  3. Plan a short wedding ceremony. If the weather is a little hotter than projected- or a little colder- a short ceremony will help minimize your discomfort and your guests. Trust me, guests never complain about a short ceremony.  Short ceremony, long reception. Everybody wins.
  4. Remember your goal. Weather is unpredictable, but whether it is perfect or horrible at the end of the day you’ll be married to your true love and will have great memories and stories to last a lifetime.
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The Brown Estate – Southeast Texas Outdoor Wedding Experts

Clifton Event Complex offers indoor and outdoor ceremonies.

If you’d like an outdoor wedding in Southeast Texas, we hope we’ve helped you with some planning ideas.

If you’re looking for more Southeast Texas wedding ideas, stay tuned to SETX Weddings or “Like” us on Facebook for the latest news and information from around the Southeast Texas wedding community.

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