SETX Wedding Idea: Holiday Registry

Ideas for Golden Triangle Brides

Consider a Holiday Gift Registry

Many Southeast Texas brides are getting married later in life, due to busy careers,  or are starting again with love anew, but with household full of nice stuff. 

In these cases, a normal, wedding gift registry of pots and pans, rugs, and dishes may not be necessary.

However, a great idea for the SETX Bride is registering for those things you never got around to getting. One great example is holiday items. Women love to have a beautiful home each holiday. This can be the time to get those things you’ve wanted but had on the back burner.

Christmas dish towels, special Easter decorations, a giant blow up Spider, or a really nice red, white, and blue linen tablecloth are things that you normally don’t buy yourself, but they sure make beautiful gifts.

If you are registering during a non-seasonal time, you may need to look online at larger department stores’ inventory as it may not be in the stores. There are also great boutique stores from Nederland to Silsbee to Sour Lake that carry collectible holiday items that could become a family tradition. Include that information for your guests as well.

Loved ones will  appreciate knowing that you will remember and treasure their gift of  a really special holiday piece that serves your family through the years – generations even – instead of a bathroom rug that gets thrown away after a year or two.

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