SETX Wedding Tips: Let Your Guests Be Involved in the Reception

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On today’s SETX Wedding Tips, we look at ideas for keeping your guests engaged during the event.

This is particularly important if you’re running behind schedule (which does happen!).

Would you like lots of extra candid shots of your wedding – for free?

While you and your super talented Southeast Texas wedding photographer are off for hours taking endless combinations of family pictures (you wouldn’t want to offend your Great Aunt Wanda from Walla Walla, Washington who you’ve never actually met before would you?), the rest of us are entertaining ourselves at the open bar with our cell phone snapshots of your wedding and reception (by the way, super high resolution these days).

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Since photos and videos can be easily shared with cell phones, ipads, and digital sharing cameras these days, be sure to ask your guests to share their best shots with you.

They can even post them to your wedding Facebook page or website.

Sometimes the best photos are spontaneous. The best photographer can’t be everywhere, certainly not all at the same time. They have no way to know that your cousin and favorite aunt are hamming it up back in the corner with her new crazy hat and his second glass of Johnny Walker Black.

One good way to make sure you get those pics for posterity is adding your email address on your guests’ table numbers with a request to send e-mail you their party pics.

If you have koozies made for your wedding, that is another good place to put an “e-mail photos to” message.  Custom printed napkins work as well.

In Southeast Texas, monogramming and personalization is available from many local professioanls.

Ages ago, we let guests take photos at Southeast Texas weddings with disposable cameras (I mean I’ve heard people used to do that; of course I’m not that old. Disposable camera? What? Anyway…). You had to pay for the cameras, you had to pay to have the film developed (again, I’ve heard. Don’t look at me like that…). Today with the great technology, you can get all of your guests’ candid images for free and you don’t have to pay to print anything except the photos you really love.

Southeast Texas wedding guests love to show off, so if they know you want the photos, count on some creativity and fun.

Clifton Steamboat Museum wedding photos Beaumont Tx

Clifton Steamboat Museum

Your guests will love being involved and feel honored to stake their claim in your wedding album.

Lights. Cell Phone. Action.

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