Perfect Southeast Texas Bridal Showers at Orange Wedding Banquet Hall “The Garden District”

Southeast Texas Bridal showers are a wonderful time for our Golden Triangle brides. The day we’ve been dreaming of is just around the corner- our SETX wedding is almost here!

Our Golden Triangle bridal showers provide a time when our families officially acknowledge our transition from the daughter-friend-niece-granddaughter they know us as into a bride. They take this time to provide encouragement, words of wisdom, and to do what they can to prepares us for our new lives.

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Big or small, your Southeast Texas bridal shower should be fun for you and your guests and shouldn’t burden anyone (financially or with excessive setup or cleanup duties).

Orange banquet hall The Garden District has been very popular with Southeast Texas brides for providing an ideal Golden Triangle bridal shower venue. From $299, The Garden District will handle:

  • Decoration
  • Setup
  • Cleanup

This “full service” approach to Golden Triangle bridal showers allows brides and their guests to relax and enjoy the shower without getting caught up in the stress of decorating and cleaning up.

Many brides know The Garden District as one of the top Southeast Texas wedding venues, reception halls, and caterers.

They bring their signature level of detail and convenience ton Southeast Texas bridal showers as well.

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Southeast Texas brides and their guests can expect:

  • Decoration & setup
  • An attendant to slice cake, serve punch, and assist as needed
  • Decorated cake table in the bride’s theme color
  • Gift and registration table
  • Cake knife
  • Punch Bowl with ladle
  • Nuts, mints, punch, water, coffee
  • Disposable napkins, plates, tableware
  • Cleanup

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Most brides already know The Garden District as a top Southeast Texas caterer, so they can assist with any additional catering for your bridal shower as well.

Some popular choices for Southeast Texas bridal showers include:

  • Finger Sandwiches
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Veggies with Ranch
  • Cubed Cheese and Crackers

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At $2 per guest, these options are a wonderful value as well.

If you’d like something more formal or substantial, The Garden District can custom create a menu to meet any bride’s taste.

Pricing for Garden District Bridal Showers starts at:

  • $299 with Dining Hall seating for 35 guests
  • $499 for Banquet Hall seating for 60-75 guests
  • $699 Banquet Hall unlimited seating

Your Southeast Texas bridal shower will create truly special memories leading up to your special Southeast Texas wedding. Make sure yours is free of stress for you, your family, and your friends.

Let The Garden District make your Southeast Texas bridal shower special, beautiful, and stress free.


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The Garden District
Address: 7536 Hwy 87 North. Orange TX 77632
Phone: (409) 883-9889



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