Southeast Texas Brides Customize EVERYTHING with AV Custom Designs Beaumont

Southeast Texas brides should dream big. Why wear an off the rack dress, a ho hum veil, or carry a boring boquet? AV Custom Designs creates the dreams of our Southeast Texas Brides.

Whether you are an Orange TX bride looking to be “pretty in pink” or a Sour Lake Bride looking to match her groom’s camo tux, AV Custom Designs and More in Beaumont has you covered.

Schedule a consultation with Angela and tell her your vision of the perfect Southeast Texas wedding. She and her team can handle everything that your groom and guests will see- dress, jewelry, tiara, veil, shoes, and more.

Southeast Texas brides regularly try to stump AV Custom Designs with dreams that seem impossible, but Angela and her team always figure out a way to bring the bride’s dreams to life.

Camo fringed white wedding dress? No problem.

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Camo EVERYTHING with AV Custom Designs

Blinged out six inch stilettos? No problem. More of a flip flop bride? Still, no problem?

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Blinged out shoes in any style and color from AV Custom Designs

Shiny Tiara? AV Custom Designs has you covered.

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Let AV Custom Designs create your perfect tiara.

What about a “Wow!” boquet? Absolutely. AV Custom Designs can create a bouquet to match the vision of any Southeast Texas bride. Not only will AV Custom Designs match your color and design, you will be able to keep an AV Custom Designs boquet for a lifetime. AV Custom Designs “lifetime” boquets are a perfect compliment to your Southeast Texas wedding photos and other accessories.

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AV Custom Designs will create a boquet for your Southeast Texas wedding that will last a lifetime

Whatever you dream, AV Custom Designs will bring it to life.

From accessories to dresses to shoes to tiaras, AV Custom Designs brings to life the dreams of Southeast Texas Brides.

Contact Angela and her team to schedule a consultation today.

Phone: (409) 626-2590

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