Southeast Texas Brides- Is This Your Last Single Christmas?

Holiday Thoughts for our Southeast Texas Brides. 

For many of our Southeast Texas brides, this will be their last “single” Christmas.

As with most things in life, this has it’s pros and cons.

Your life is a book with many chapters. A big one is on it’s last page, and a huge, long, exciting one is a short page turn away.

For many of you, it will be your last Southeast Texas Christmas alone with your family.

Next year, you and your husband will get to figure out how to split times between respective in-laws – and setting up new Southeast Texas Christmas traditions of your own.

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Bake the cookies your family loves, play the family games your husband will not be interested in, and tell the stories of family Christmases past that won’t mean anything to your spouse.

Perhaps more than any other holiday, our Golden Triangle Christmas traditions are really “molded” by each family into something unique and their own.

Think of your “important” SETX holiday traditions. Which ones will your spouse share? Which ones will he be open to? Which ones will he refuse?

  • Attending a Southeast Texas Church Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (find one on
  • Incorporating Santa Claus into your family Christmas tradition
  • Caroling (let’s face it, most guys are in or out – not a lot of wiggle room)
  • Spending extended time with your family (if you are used to spending 3-5-7 days with your parents at Christmas that may be tough to negotiate going forward)
  • Holiday meals. Are you both ham and turkey people or are you turkey and he’s fajitas or fried catfish? One workaround Southeast Texas brides use for this one is designating one for Christmas Eve and one tradition for Christmas Day. Others let their spouse choose either the Thanksgiving or Christmas menu but not both. One popular solution used by savvy Southeast Texas wives is saying, “Of course we can have fried catfish for Christmas honey – let me know when it’s ready. Don’t forget the hush puppies.”
  • Opening presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Oh, you haven’t talked about this one? This ranks about third in causing Southeast Texas divorces, so make sure you have that conversation well before your first Christmas together.
  • Budgeting for Christmas. Some families spend extravagantly. Some are very conservative. Others are extravagant for cChristmas traditions Southeast Texas, Christmas traditions Texas, Christmas traditions SETX, Christmas traditions Beaumont Tx, Christmas traditions Port Arthur, Christmas traditions Orange Tx, Christmas traditions SWLA< Christmas traditions Southwest Louisiana, Christmas traditions Sulphur LA, Christmas traditions Lake Charles LA< Christmas traditions Baton Rouge, Christmas traditions Vidor, Christmas traditions Lumberton Tx, Christmas traditions Silsbee, Christmas traditions Big Thicket, Christmas traditions Jasper Tx, Christmas traditions Woodville Tx, Christmas traditions Crystal Beach Tx, Christmas traditions Lake Sam Rayburn, Christmas traditions Toledo Bend, Christmas traditions Houston, Christmas traditions Lufkin, Christmas traditions Nacogdoches, Christmas traditions Winnie Tx, Christmas traditions Liberty Tx, Christmas traditions Dayton Tx, hildren but don’t give anything to adults. Make sure you and your spouse talk about this before it becomes an issue- financial and emotional.

When you start talking about things that are important to you in preparation for your first Christmas as a Southeast Texas married couple, start the conversation with a small gift that shows you’re just planning for the best future together (guys cue into the words “I just don’t want things to be stressful next year” – Southeast Texas grooms are big on stress avoidance). You can go simple with a Christmas ornament that is significant to you both – something that reminds your of how you met, a favorite vacation, or a shared hobby.


You can kick it up a notch with a Nativity scene. These can be a real focal point for a family’s holiday decorating and can really be a significant start towards building your own Christmas traditions as a married couple.


If this is your last Christmas in Southeast Texas before sharing your family with your spouse, enjoy it to the fullest.bridal website Southeast Texas, bridal website Texas, bridal website Beaumont Tx, bridal website Port Arthur

You have 12 months to plan your first Christmas as a married couple.

The more you talk about expectations and preparation, the easier you’ll find marriage to be. Pick your battles. Give in on the things that aren’t that big a deal to you, and stand up for the ones that are the most important to you.

Talking about some of the issues above will smooth your path to a very merry first Christmas together next year.

We wish you a lifetime of wonderful holiday seasons with your new family!


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We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature, Holiday Thoughts for our Southeast Texas Brides. 

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Merry Christmas to all of our Southeast Texas brides and their families!

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