Looking to create a Duck Dynasty wedding feel for your Southeast Texas wedding?

On today’s Southeast Texas Wedding Ideas, we look back to the Duck Dynasty wedding from a couple of years ago.

Southeast Texas brides and grooms were very much represented in the audience of 12 million that watched that memorable season premier of Duck Dynasty.

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Willie, Jase, and the gang (Okay, mostly their wives ) threw Phil and Miss Kay the big family wedding they didn’t get to enjoy all those decades ago. After all, at the end of each episode, no matter how crazy thing got during the show, the family sits down at a big table and gives thanks for their blessings as a family. Isn’t that what we are all looking for in our Southeast Texas marriages?

The buzz was huge and has left many Southeast Texas brides looking to create some of that Duck Dynasty magic in their own weddings.

And why not? Southeast Texas grooms often pick a bride that has a little of their love of the outdoors. Many Southeast Texas wives have created a place for themselves in the wild. Some pick up a bow or fishing rod and bring their own meat to the table. Others bring a little civility to the deer camp, avoiding the deer stand but spending days or week in camp with her man.

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Jase was right, there is something prideful when a Southeast Texas groom is serving his guests duck breast or deer steak and can say, “Oh no, I didn’t shoot that. My wife did!

If you are a Southeast Texas bride or groom set on creating a Duck Dynasty theme, share your desire with your Southeast Texas wedding planner or caterer.


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We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s edition of Southeast Texas Wedding Ideas.

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