Southeast Texas Wedding Planning: Thank You Mom, Thank You Dad

On today’s Southeast Texas Wedding Planning Tips, we look at ways to thank your mom and dad.

Ideally every minute of your SETX wedding will be beautiful. Almost certainly, the months, weeks, and days leading up to the ceremony will contain stresses- invitations with errors from the printers or lost in the mail, the cost overruns, or just trying to do so much in so little time.

It’s certainly stressful on Southeast Texas brides- but there are at least two others feeling the pain.

Most Southeast Texas parents either haven’t saved for their children’s weddings or could not have been predicted how the cost of weddings would skyrocket beyond the money they did put together.

They may not tell you, but your Dad is feeling every check that clears his account and your Mother is feeling it every time she has to tell him, “Today one more thing ran over budget”.

They love you and they’ll make it work, but there are a few things you can do say thank-you in ways that most brides either do not wedding thank-you Beaumont Txthink to do or fail to follow up on.

1. If you have engagement photos taken, let your Southeast Texas wedding photographer know that you need a special one blown up for your parents. This is a nice gesture before the pain of endless meetings and check writing even starts. If you can’t afford to take the photo to a professional framer, take it down to Hobby Lobby. Your Mom will really appreciate it, and your Dad won’t know that it wasn’t professionally framed. He’ll love having a picture of his little girl leading up to her special day and if you watch closely, you just might see a little tear in the corner of his eye.

2. Your parents will probably be the first ones to your SETX wedding and there will be lots of sitting around without much for them to do. Write them each a letter on nice stationary and give it to them before your Golden Triangle wedding ceremony. Include specific thank-you messages for things they did for you growing up. I’m sure you were a great kid, but honestly parents are generally taken for granted. Your parents are very different people (and may not be a couple anymore), so writing them separate messages is important. For your Mom you might say, “I appreciate the way you cut the crusts off my sandwiches even when I was probably too old” or, “I like the way that you made one of my favorite meals every time I came home from college”. For your Dad you might tell him, “I’ll never forget the time you drove two hours to help me fix my car”, or “I know you tried to tell me Billy Miller wasn’t the right kind of guy for me. It made me mad at the time, but you were right”.

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3. The ceremony and reception will largely about you and your new husband, as it should be. Do make sure you and your husband take a moment to toast and thank your parents during your Southeast Texas wedding reception.

4. I know people don’t write letters or send postcards anymore, but do take the time and send your parents a postcard from the honeymoon. It may seem silly to you, but it will mean a lot to them.

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We hope today’s Southeast Texas Wedding Planning Tip has been helpful for you.

Stay tuned for more SETX wedding ideas.

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