Southeast Texas Wedding Tip: Keep Dating!

Today’s Southeast Texas Wedding Tip  is “Keep Dating”.

All Southeast Texas women dream of their “perfect date”. They have specific ideas of  the details and emotions for this perfect date, all steeped in romance.

Surprisingly, some Southeast Texas men also dream of a “perfect date”… though their ideas may be WAY different and nowhere close to their female counter part’s. Still, they are legitimate dreams and romantic in their own way.

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Pose the question to your sweetheart – “What is your dream date?” Then give each other some time to consider; an hour, a day, a week. Write the answer down in whatever form comes to mind. No eloquent prose is necessary here – bullet points or back-of-the-envelope random thoughts will do, but write it down, so that when it comes to fruition no detail will be missed. 

When your ideas are shared, talk through them explaining the significance and value of what you had planned; even if it’s just for fun.

You will be surprised at what this little exercise will reveal about your partner that you did not know.

I asked my husband of 8 years what his dream date would be, thinking I had him pegged for an overnight stint in the tent by a crackling fire, glasses of wine, the sound of crickets in the morning, blah, blah, blah. He answers – A photo Safari in Africa! What?!?… Whoa! What, Where? Africa?

No, I did not know this about my husband and nor would I have guessed that that would have constituted a “date”. So, I shared my black tie, dinner, swanky hotel, opera idea with him and was met with equal reaction. No, no, and uh, no.

But, maybe there’ll be something we can do that’s dreamy together… An opera about an African Safari? Hey, “The Lion King” is on Broadway. Maybe I can talk him into that?

Live and Learn… and keep dating Southeast Texas.

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Keep dating Southeast Texas.

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