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Wedding Planning in the Golden Triangle – Officiants

On today’s Southeast Texas Wedding Tips we look at wedding officiants.

Who can perform your ceremony that will have a special meaning for you and your fiancee?

Today we’re talking to both our SETX brides- and our SETX grooms. Grooms usually get to take a backseat, but for today’s topics they will want to have some input.

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Okay, now you know you are going to marry. That is the most important thing, so great job with that. Do you know who is going to marry you? Who is going to perform the ceremony?

It is the most highly planned day of your life, and for many of you it will be extremely important that the person performing the ceremony is someone special and significant to you.

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Many Southeast Texas brides and grooms are very involved in their church community. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be married by your current pastor or minister, however. If it feels right, that is wonderful and generally very smooth and easy to arrange. Many of you spent many, many more years in the church you grew up in than in the church you are in now. If you spent ten or fifteen years under the same pastor or minister growing up chances are you always pictured that person marrying you. If they are still with the church where you grew up, they’d probably love to perform the ceremony for you. If not, allow time to find them and let them know that you’d love them to perform your ceremony. With anything regarding your marriage, the more ramp up and scheduling time you provide people, the easier and less stressful things will be.

It can also be meaningful to be married by a family member. In my wedding, I hedged these first two options and was married by cousin who is also a minister. He’d previously married my brother and his wife and I was just super impressed by how sincere and perfectly chosen his every word seemed during their ceremony. He performed just as well as mine, and for me he was absolutely the right choice. For you, it may be your father or your brother or your grandmother. Given time, it’s very manageable for them to get certified to legally perform your ceremony and if they are the right person for you, it can really add to the emotional power of your ceremony.

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For other Southeast Texas couples, the ceremony is all about the piece of paper. If you only want to be legally married quickly and without a lot of drama, a justice of the peace wedding could absolutely be the right fit. My sister and her husband went this route, inviting only their parents to the ceremony. They were married in minutes and the money that might otherwise have been used on an elaborate ceremony and reception was available for travel, household expenses, and savings. They’ve never regretted their decision.

wedding ideas Southeast TexasChances are, you know what is right for you in your heart. Once you’re sure, make sure your spouse to be is on the same page. If you decide to track down a childhood pastor or to ask a friend or family member to become ordained, just make sure to start the process with plenty of time so there is no need to stress or rush.

Planning ahead and budgeting a little extra time to coordinate things will help you avoid undo and unnecessary stress as your wedding day approaches.

Like any other part of your wedding- the earlier you lock an item down, the less potential it has for causing unwanted stress.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s edition of Southeast Texas Wedding Tips.

Have a beautiful Southeast Texas wedding!

wedding tips Southeast Texas

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