Vacation & Honeymoon Planning Guide for Southeast Texans

Wedding Planning Guide – Honeymoon Planning Tips

Today’s tips can help you and your fiancee plan a honeymoon to remember (for all the right reasons!)

Today’s Southeast Texans today have access to the whole world for their honeymoon.

It wasn’t always that way. Ask your grandparents generation and you’ll hear a very few destinations repeated over and over. I’ll bet you that if you ask ten currently middle class senior citizens from the Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange, area six or seven will tell you they went to Galveston. To round it out you might get two that  went to  Houston, one adventurous couple that made it all the way to New Orleans, and one “we didn’t really go anywhere”.

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Today, with a little patience and planning, you can go to Fiji or Paris or Costa Rica without breaking the bank.

While the world is literally at your fingertips, a few simple guidelines will help provide the SETX honeymoon of your dreams.honeymoon Beaumont TX, honeymoon Southeast Texas, SETX travel agent, travel agency Beaumont TX, travel agency Port Arthur

  1. Talk to your fiancée about expectations. If you’re going to Spain and you want to eat at some of the world’s finest restaurants and he wants to run with the bulls, talk about it early so each of you gets to enjoy the things that are most important to you.
  2. Document the trip. You may take other dream vacations in the years to come, but this will ideally be your only “honeymoon”. If neither is big on taking pictures, set alarms on your cell phone reminding you to ask someone to take a picture of you. You’ll always remember the Eiffel Tower, that romantic castle in Scotland, or the beautiful water of the Bahamas, but it will be even better if you have some wonderful photos to frame when you get back to Southeast Texas.
  3. Make plans early. You’re going to have wedding details to deal with up until the moment the reception is over. Put the honeymoon details to bed early so there is one less planning stress leading up to your wedding. Plan your flight, hotel, important activities. If you need a passport or immunization, get them now- you won’t want something to come up later that makes either of these an issue at the last minute.
  4. Timing. Australia is beautiful. Tibet is breath taking. Both are also a long way away. If your dream is to go to the other end of the world, make it happen. Just plan ample time both when you reach your destination and when you get back to the Golden Triangle to acclimate to minimize the effects of jetlag. A bad case of double jetlag will detract from all of the other wonders and wonderful memories of your dream honeymoon.

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In a lot of ways the world has shrunk. You can go further and see more in less time and for less money than ever before. If you have a dream honeymoon in mind, just make sure your spouse has the same dreams and that you plan for the little things that will make this the most memorable and special trip of your life.

We hope today’s Southeast Texas wedding tips, Southeast Texas Honeymoon Planning – Today’s tips will help you plan a honeymoon to remember (for all the right reasons!), have been beneficial for our Golden Triangle brides.

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Do you need help planning the perfect honeymoon?

Southeast Texas travel agent Neeta Raj, “The Texas Vacation Lady,” is a great resource for Golden Triangle brides.honeymoon registry Beaumont TX, honeymoon registry Southeast Texas, SETX travel agent, travel agency Golden Triangle TX

She can even take away the financial stress out of honeymoon planning by setting up a honeymoon gift registry.

Neeta Raj can set you up with a website that has information about your chosen honeymoon destination and activities.

Your guests can chip in to reduce or eliminate the cost of honeymoon planning for our Golden Triangle brides.

Neeta has travelled extensively on 6 continents, so she can offer personal insights whether your honeymoon dream is an Alaskan cruise, seeing Europe, or visiting the land down under.

Click here for the Texas Vacation Lady website.

You can also call for a personal phone consultation or to set up an in-person meeting with Neeta Raj.

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We hope you have enjoyed today’s feature.

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