Van Gogh Beauty Center Makes Hardin County Brides Beautiful

Hardin County Brides are increasingly turning to Van Gogh Beauty Center to make them absolutely beautiful for their Southeast Texas wedding.

It is not hard to understand why. Van Gogh is a full service beauty center with a reputation for pulling out all the stops to make Southeast Texas brides beautiful.

For starters, Van Gogh has some of Southeast Texas’ top hairstylists. We started this article off talking about Hardin County brides, but the truth is women drive to Van Gogh from Jefferson County, Orange County, and Tyler County as well. Van Gogh has become something of an oasis for women wanting to achieve a distinctive beauty.

Josh even offers body art for Southeast Texas brides desiring to take their look to the next level.

body art Hardin County

Body Art by Josh at Van Gogh Beauty Center

Southeast Texas brides also appreciate Van Gogh’s on-site restaurant, The County Line Diner. For all the time Hardin County brides spend planning menus, they get very little time to actually eat in the days leading up to their weddings. Van Gogh will make sure you get at least one nutritious and delicious meal before your Southeast Texas wedding. If you are trying to squeeze into a tight dress, try the County Line Diner’s garden salad, Greek salad, or chicken salad croissant. If all of the wedding planning stress has left you dangerously thin and malnourished, dig into The County Line’s Meatloaf or Chicken Alfredo. Yum!

hardin county wedding hair stylist

County Line Diner Panini

Still not enough calories to recover from all the wedding stress weight you’ve lost?

Try The County Line Diner’s triple sundae – Bam!

lumberton hair stylist, hardin county hair stylist, kountze wedding hair stylist

The County Line Diner’s Triple Sundae

Van Gogh has one more thing to help Hardin County brides lose any remaining pre-wedding stress, some of the best massages in Southeast Texas.

After a beautiful cut and style, a “just right” lunch, and a massage you’ll be ready for anything.

Contact Van Gogh today for an appointment. You’ll love the way they make you feel.

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