Which Rehearsal Dinner venue is right for you? Consider The Grill.


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Choosing your wedding rehearsal dinner venue

There was a time when a certain kind of Southeast Texan would caravan to Houston for a rehearsal dinner.

A lot has changed in the last ten years. Beaumont, Mid County, and Orange all have new restaurants that manage to deliver the same ambiance and quality of dining experience that once would have meant a long trek to New Orleans or Houston.

Now wedding parties can go first class without leaving the Golden Triangle.

Counting on my fingers, I easily reach a dozen truly top notch local restaurants more than capable of providing an outstanding rehearsal dinner on every level- ambiance, service, and quality of dining. Close your eyes and I’m sure we are picturing some of the same standout venues.

One is certainly The ASP Grill on Calder in Beaumont.

The Grill actually captures the feel of a Los Angeles restaurant during the hay day of Hollywood. There is a vibe that this is a place people go to see and to be seen. Too often today, we order and eat in fifteen minutes, our hectic schedules not allowing any time to enjoy the dining experience. The Grill, however, is a place people go to settle in. People come to The Grill to talk. People come to The Grill to mingle. There are even those who come to The Grill to hold court.

For your rehearsal dinner, there are a number of reasons to consider The Grill.

First, The Grill is the kind of restaurant where the menu is a suggestion. If you have something in mind for your rehearsal dinner, explain to the chef what you want to create and it will be created.

Second, a lot of people are looking for privacy when they have a special occasion these days. The Grill’s elegant private room can accommodate forty in comfort.

Finally, The Grill is a perfect place to extend the evening. If you and your guests aren’t ready to rush off after your rehearsal dinner, make your way to the LA style patio, the Cabana, and talk the night away in comfort and style.

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