Why do SETX brides choose The Plaza Event Center for their Ceremony and Reception?

For SETX brides, a lot of thought and research goes into selecting a Southeast Texas wedding venue.

  • Space
  • Visual Appeal
  • Price
  • Location
  • Parking
  • Compatibility with other SETX Wedding vendors

Many brides find The Plaza Event Center in Vidor to be their ideal SETX wedding venue.

Plaza Event Center SETX Brides

The Plaza Event Center fits the requirements of Southeast Texas brides – and they are quick to see how they can bring their wedding visions to life at The Plaza.

Essentially they have a fresh canvas to work with – plenty of space and tremendous flexibility.

Plaza Event Center 9-30-11 a

From casual to elegant, The Plaza Event Center can readily be adapted to the dreams each bride has for her wedding.

Other Southeast Texas wedding vendors appreciate working in The Plaza Event Center as well.

For your Southeast Texas wedding caterer,the Plaza’s staging area is a big help in assisting caterers in prepping for your reception.

Plaza Event Center SETX Wedding Venues


Whether you choose a band or Southeast Texas wedding DJ,they will have plenty of room to set up in The Plaza Event Center – and lots of access to power.

The stage and dance floor can be set up to your SETX wedding vision.

You can even personalize the dance floor with your wedding monogram.

Plaza Event Center - SETX Wedding Venue

It’s your wedding.

Your vision.

Before you choose a Southeast Texas wedding venue, make a visit to The Plaza Event Center in Vidor.

Discover why so many SETX brides choose The Plaza for their Southeast Texas wedding ceremony and reception.

Plaza Event Center 9-30-11 c

Plaza Event Center Vidor Tx


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