SETX Wedding Planning: Unity Candle or Unity Sand? by Jennifer’s Occasions, SETX Wedding Planner

Todays SETX Wedding Planning insight, sponsored by SETX wedding planner Jennifer’s Occasions,  looks at the traditional wedding unity candle and the newer tradition of unity sand.

Our Southeast Texas Wedding ceremonies are symbolic from beginning to end.

GoldenTriangle Wedding ceremonies have long sought to incorporate symbolic imagery that really shows two people are coming together as one couple joined in every way.  

Southeast Texas weddings have for many years commonly incorporated a unity candle ceremony.

Essentially, the SETX bride and groom each have a lit candle. They light a third candle, their “unity candle” showing that they have truly merged.

In recent years, unity sand ceremonies have gained ground in Southeast Texas wedding ceremonies, often taking the place of the unity candle ceremony. The concept is very similar. The bride has a jar of one color sand (can be any color- pink and purple are certainly popular) and the groom has a jar of a distinctly different color sand. They pour the sand together into a new jar and the colors are forever merged.

If you want a unity symbol at your Southeast Texas wedding, which is the right option for you.

It will come down to personal preference  (usually the preference of our Southeast Texas brides!), but their are a couple of big picture considerations that might help you make the right choice for your ceremony.

The unity candle is a great visual for your SETX wedding guests. It can be seen clearly from even the largest church. A unity candle is a great visual symbol that your guests can easily see, understand, and appreciate. On the downside, you don’t really have anything (other than the great photo your SETX photographer will shoot) to hold onto as a memento after the wedding.

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Unity sand is less impressive as a visual unless you have a very small and intimate wedding (a couple of dozen people or so). It is a very nice ceremony and sounds good when it is being explained to your guests, but in a large church or wedding hall they won’t really be able to see much. On the plus side, unity sand ceremonies are typically done in a really nice ornamental container in which the merged sand looks beautiful up close. These ornamental jars are an absolutely perfect symbol of your marriage that you can take from your SETX wedding ceremony and put on your mantle or bed table, or even your dining room table to look at and remember for a lifetime.

Which unity symbol is right for you? Pick with your heart and you’ll make the right choice.

Ultimately, every aspect of your Southeast Texas wedding should reflect your dreams, tastes, and desires.

If you follow your heart with every decision, your SETX wedding will be perfect!

Message Sponsored by SETX wedding planner, Jennifer’s Occasions.

Jennifer’s Occasions has studied many wedding traditions, historical and contemporary, and helps her Southeast Texas brides make the choices that reveal their personality and set the tone for their marriages.

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