Southeast Texas Bridal Showers Shine at The Garden District Orange

The Garden District in Orange is being called on by Southeast Texas brides to hold more and more Southeast Texas bridal showers.

It is easy to understand why.

Today’s Southeast Texas bride is a busy woman with a lot to juggle. The Garden District offers beauty, elegance, value – and does 97% of the work for you.

Why should a bride and her friends be responsible for decorating for the bridal shower? There are people who can do that for you, right? Absolutely- the Garden District in Orange has a wonderful staff trained and experienced to bring your vision to life.

All you have to is share your vision and order a cake from your preferred baker. The Garden District will do the rest.

They will set up. They will assist you during the shower. They will clean up.

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On the day of your Southesast Texas Bridal Shower, you and your guests will walk into a beautiful space that has already been set up to your specifications.

This includes a fully decorated table for your cake in the color you have chosen, a gift and registration table, cake knife, punch bowl with ladle, nuts, mints, punch, water, coffee, disposable napkins, cups, plates and tableware.

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Other than the cake, please order all food through The Garden District- you’ll love the food, display, and value.

Speaking of value, all of this comes at a wonderful price. $299 for Dining Hall Seating of 35 guests.

If you are having a mega Southeast Texas bridal shower, you will also get a wonderful value:

$499 Banquet Hall Seating for 60-75 guests

$699 Banquet Hall. Unlimited Seating.

Should you choose to order additional food for your Southeast Texas bridal shower, the great values keep on coming. For just $2.00 per menu item per person choose:

–          Finger Sandwiches

–          Fresh Fruit

–          Cubed Cheese and Crackers

–          Finger Veggies with Ranch Dressing

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Your Southeast Texas Bridal shower should be truly special, but it doesn’t have to be a lot of work. The Garden District in Orange has the experience, staff, and everything you need to have a wonderful bridal shower without lifting a finger.

Discover for yourself why Orange Tx brides recommend The Garden District to their friends.

Call today to schedule your perfect Southeast Texas Bridal Shower.

The Garden District Orange TX

Office Phone: (409) 883-4484


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