Sneaky Tip for Planning your SETX Wedding Reception

Golden Triangle Wedding PlanningTips for Evaluating Southeast Texas Caterers

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew for sure your reception was going to have the perfect Southeast Texas wedding catering?

It is easy to guarantee if you think about it. Just plan a dry run. When else are you going to serve a bunch of people a lot of great food? Major holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. wedding catering Beaumont TX, caterer Southeast Texas, SETX catering, Golden Triangle catereres, catering Orange TX, catering Lumberton TX, catering Jasper TX, catering Woodville TX

If your family has a big gathering for one or all of these holidays, consider a dry run of your wedding banquet.

You don’t really want to cook all that food anyway do you? Your caterer loves to cook. Let them take care of it this year.

If your family gathering is for 25 and your wedding is for 250, it is a simple matter of changing the portions, which our Southeast Texas caterer is more than able to do.

If each dish meets or exceeds your expectations fantastic. You’re all set for your wedding. If you weren’t sure if you wanted the carrot souffle or the corn casserole, now is a good time to put them to the test.Wedding Ideas Southeast Texas, wedding planning Beaumont TX, wedding planning SETX, wedding planning Golden Triangle TX

During the meal, make notes of what you want to change or keep and get your guests input as well.

Your guests may be a little surprised at having a giant cake at Christmas rather than your usual pumpkin pie, but it is your party after all!

It’s that easy.

Your Southeast Texas caterer will love the extra job, and you’ll sleep well knowing each and every dish for your wedding will be perfect.

At we’re always sensitive to budget. If you aren’t able to have a big meal catered for the holidays, consider asking your caterer to prepare the one or two dishes you’re not sure of. That will give you a chance to accomplish your goal without spending a lot of money.

If you haven’t chosen a Southeast Texas wedding caterer for your wedding yet, here are some to consider:

Suga’s (Beaumont)

Chuck’s Catering, Serving Southeast Texas

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We hope we’ve helped you with a great idea for checking out Southeast Texas wedding caterers.

Are you looking for more innovative SETX wedding ideas?

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